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child rp eve orphan looking for a home or an orphanage to stay in cant pay any rent as of no money

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child looking for a childrens home to stay in sometime I rp a 3 yr old some time a kid all depends im a smart decent repectable person I come here to rp as a kid or younger and act as a kid im rping, im not responsable for otheres actions I learn from my mistakes and I can speak more in charicter now than out of charicter I keep profile seperate and I dont give personal details out I follow the rules and for people to say othere wise dosent know me and missunderstood me im decent loyal, trustworthy and friendly I love doing chores and I like to start a good conversation and I try to be in charicter im still new to the whole child rping thing and if im not on as much its for a good reason or a good rl reason.

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