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FINALLY! a Lifestyle Magazine worth reading.

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Our Magazine is constantly looking for models, writers, and photographers.  Just notecard Luvi Unplugged if you feel you'd like to be a part of SL Bondage Models, also known as SLBM, has been under new ownership for a little over a year. Owned by Trina Carlsson, Dark Lichlore, and Luvi Unplugged-Lichlore. We are a magazine focused not only on our gorgeous models, but on spreading education on the D/s and BDSM lifestyle. We are a modeling agency, publishers, and magazine. We will also be offering poses and props for your D/s photography needs soon. We work in tandem with one of the leading BDSM communities, Blade's Edge. We offer spotlights on different sims of interest, interviews with fashion and BDSM furniture designers, spotlights on artists, short stories, informational pieces and of course, our beautiful models. We don't claim to be the best, we don't claim to cover it all, but we do do our best to bring our readers a good quality read. We do keep our mailboxes open for suggestions, short story ideas, whatever our readers wish to bring to our attention. We want to bring to our readers what THEY want to see, not the same ole same ole. We are currently working on our new land and will be opening it as soon as possible. We hope you swing by once it's open, and enjoy the work we've put into it. Our group is free to join and is open to everyone. Just look up SL Bondage Models in search and you'll find us! Please keep in mind that it is no longer owned by SEM Aftermath and we are in no way involved with his current endeavors. Happy Kinking and we hope to see you soon! You can find our vendors all over sl at various businesses and stores. We'll provide you with a list of these locations soon. Dark Lichlore - CEO, Editor-in-Chief, Co-Owner of SLBM Trina Carlsson - Co-Owner of SLBM, Owner of Serenity Lost Luvi Unplugged-Lichlore - Co-Owner and Head Photographer of SLBM. 

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