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hi an 8-10 yr ofl avatar looking for a paying job.

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im 34 f scotland uk im rping a child avatar 8-10yrs olf stay at horizone school paybe try for a paying job, I might go for infant avatar in time when I get more lindens first try for a paying job, my aim of the rp avi is in staying at the horizons home for children, in c.a.r.e daycare hopeing to be adopted my good cathlic sl parents, im planing to start sl as an infant but right now ill have to settle with an 8-10 avi but when get more lindens I can rp as an infant, toddler, child, schooling, teenager, hight school then adult avatar.


so please Im me in world or leave me a message on sl if there are any jobs going for child avatars my voices is muffled but I can be a hostess I have a big but its not all the time I can earn lindens.

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