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This Saturday at The Live Cafe (: CatDanc :) 1PM Live :D Then (: Raven :) 2PM

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Blog info: http://the-live-cafe.blogspot.dk/2016/05/coming-to-live-cafe-is-2-lovely-singers.html



Coming to
THE Live Cafe
   is 2 lovely singers
Saterday the
  21/5 EU. 5/21 US.  
1PM to 3PM SLT
1PM to 2PM SLT

The Live Cafes
 wary own Singer

                                                        ☆ Catdanc ☆ 

were prove to be her Home venue :D
☆ Catdanc ☆ ,s Profile & Booking INFO:



2PM to 3PM SLT
Raven,s Profile
Born and raised in Georgia/USA, at the age of 35,
Raven has been a stage performer since the age of 6.
With a wide variety of genres, Raven has a voice and
character that will make your heart sing.

Some of her RL experience includes over 25 years of
musical stage performances, both solo and
with various well known artists.

She is a live singer in Real Life, as well as Second Life.
Raven loves to take you out of your comfort zone
with the types of music she performs.

Most of her live singing events are very up close and personal.
She is also a “Unplugged” type performer.

Her style will reach out to wide varieties of crowds all in one performance.
Raven is not tied down to any one specific genre.
Occasionally, Raven will perform her own original music.
We got a Teleport to The Live Cafe at
the LUNA Teleport Landing Punt :D
*•.¸♥ ˁ(OᴥO)ˀ ♥¸.•*

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