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♡ DJs Wanted! Make 200L per hour AND 90% tips ♡


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Are you looking for a chance to show off your music savvy to the world?

Do you have your own stream and love for the sexy AND the cutesy?

Looking to make some extra lindens?

Well The Purrfect **bleep** is here for you!


♡ We are a high-traffic strip and dance club with a focus on kawaii culture, so you must be comfortable working on an adult sim in a sexually charged environment

♡ Create your own schedule! Daily sets, weekly sets, special events!

♡ Our highly-trained, talkative management and hosting staff will make notices, bring in guests for you, and encourage tipping!

♡ We're open to many music genres (especially dance, pop, and kpop)



♡ Interested? Check out our application in our reply to this post! You can also grab one on-sim in front of the club.

♡ Please direct any questions to Msmydaisy Resident, Uniquesimply Resident, or any one of our managers whose info is available at our in-club contact boards.

♡ Come visit us here:



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The Purrfect **bleep** DJ Application

(Please sumit this information in a notecard entitled "TPP DJ and Hostess Application [YOUR NAME HERE]" and place in the mailbox in front of the club. You can also find a physical version of this application on-sim)


Position(s) you are applying for:

[X] DJ


Days and Time Available (SLT):

SL Name:



Photo (at least 512 x 512 pixels):

Are you 18 years or older:


═══════════════════════ ♥️♥️♥️♥══════════════════════️═

Have you ever worked for another club before, if so where and what position(s)?

Why would you like to be a staff member at The Purrfect **bleep**?

What do you have to offer the club if you are hired?

What languages are you able to speak, read, and write?

Do you have a microphone and will you be using voice?

Are you able to type coherent and legible sentences?

Please our rules notecard in its entirety, and when you are finished type your name in the below agreement to certify that you fully agree with the terms and services of Second Life as well as the staff rules.

I, [YOUR NAME HERE], agree to the following club rules and will abide by the Second Life terms of services.


═══════════════════════ ♥️♥️♥️♥══════════════════════️═


We are a kawaii neko anime themed club, will you be willing to dress according to the theme of the club?

This club specializes in Kpop music, and other Asian types of music. Are you willing to take requests and play songs of this genre?

Can you also take requests or play EDM, House music, Top 40, Rock, Hip hop?

What other clubs do you currently DJ for?

Do you own your own stream?

Do you live mix?

What DJ software and equipment do you use?

Can you provide a sample of your set?

Do you voice during your set? We only accept DJs who use voice.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2763 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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