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How can I discover a possible tracking tool in my account?

Dellon Omizu

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Stopping an annoying individual is easy, you already know to Ban and Block this person as they present themselves to you.

How they perform the magic of "Knowing" what you do and where you are is not really a mystery.

I see that you have chosen to make you Profile "Sparse" of content and that will limit the generally available information someone can obtain about you. Typically this includes the groups you are in [and of course what kind of things these groups represent] which tells the casual observer what you are interested in. Your Picks is empty as well.

I'm assuming you have Group Memberships but you have chosen to hide them from the profile.

So what is a stalker to do? Well at one time you became interesting enough to them for them to know where you live and/or like to hang out. Once the bottle is opened you can't close it again. Why? Because your stalker knows what groups you may be in by previous associating. This knowledge dowsn't go away. So if your stalker is a member of any group you are in they can review the last time you logged into SL. That helps then to identify your in-world patterns.

One of your stalkers many ALTs can keep tabs on you if you frequent entertainment clubs or ever Role Play areas that your group memberships identify and so on.

My point being, you really can't hide unless you have a disassociated ALT account that plays elsewhere.

On the knowing where you've gone and what your saying to friends point I have this to offer...

If your tormentor is providing you with word for word chat logs of your conversations sent via a private IM to others then you can certainly take it to the bank that:

1) You have a listening device [script] that interfaces with your parcel or viewer in some way. [unlikely]

2) You have foolishly turned on RLV and accepted a RLV enabled object whereby you no longer have any privacy because all communication passes through that object. [Typically a collar or other body attached device] [More Likely]

3) [Most Likely] You have a trusted friend in you circle that is a class 1 head case. [More likely]

I've personally experienced 1) & 3)

Generally your account is safe from prying eyes as are your chat logs.

I'm betting one of you friends is the owner of these ALTs.

Weeding out the culprit will take some vigilance but is doable.








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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2765 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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