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New Vampire the Masquerade/Goth Themed RP Dance Club and Bar

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Hello there creaturs of the night! In my travels around the grid of Second Life I rarely found the exact type of place I was looking for in a hangout. It just seemed to me, to be a lack of VtM themed, RP focused, true goth hangouts. Im talking beyond black everything. There are some but the joining process was tedious maybe or at times it would be drowned out with those who equate goth with a black outfit and black hair.. So I give you

Scarlett Cemetery and Scarlett Nights Dance Club



It is bloodlines friendly but thts not truely the focus. This is a place for vampires lycans and all freaks of the night can come and just be themselves. Be it in charcter or OOC. We have even help private events and so if you are interested in hostessing an event we can and will accomidate. As time goes by We plan on adding more RP spots and areas. Ideas based off VtM settings and games. Weapons are allowed but only as avi accessories. NO KILLING ON PREMISES. Bite/claw requests are allowed but make sure to scan first and see that they are or are not equipped with garlic. If you are reported for harrass requests you will be banned. Sorry but its not cool to be annoying.

The Blood Bar itself is just another dance area. or a place to sit and converse with others. There are various BL themed vital drinks as well as coming soon a few game tables.  There is even conveinet blood shot coasters on the bar itself if you are in need of a little sip or two


The main dance floor is equipped with dancer poles and sitting areas either around the blood fountain or on the sofas. There are trivias various from adult in nature to BL trivia to silly halloween trivia in our triva ball game. As well as a dance system with a large array of dances.

Here is our description as posted on site.


Welcome to Scarlett Nights. A Bloodline Hangout Nestled about the Scarlett Cemetery. Scarlett Nights is the Exclusive Club Red Rock Bloodlines Play Hangout. Only in the designated area are you allowed to send bite requests and or rp for Bloodlines.
There are fridges on either side of the bar. One Vital Blood One Lumens. There is also a Blood Shots vendor on the bar. Just like at the store. Click the coaster, buy then take. There is a Apple Tree for the Humans just on the border of the Cemetery.
The Cracked tombs hold a BL vending system to get all your Bloodlines items right on site

**Under no circumstances are you to bite request anywhere but Scarlett Nights/Cemetery. Doing so anywhere on the main areas will get you ejected. And we want you here. So behave. No sex in the club.  We are on Moderate land so be mindful. Enjoy your time here at Scarlett Nights***

No naked Avis
Keep Bite Requests to designated Area
No s*x in the club
Be kind. A**holery gets you ejected :)
Do not pester the dancers for free sex, thats not what they are there for. They are dancers. Not escorts. But DO tip them for being their typical sexy selves!


Take care





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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2771 days.

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