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Welcome to Black Creek Falls, Your all Inclusive Luxury Resort Destination

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Welcome to Black Creek Falls, the New Sky manor Resort!

About Us:

Black Creek Falls is a brand new luxury resort, created by JustBecauseIcanBeFriendly, the same creator who had also developed Sky Manor Resort. Black Creek Falls is the new Sky Manor Resort with it's beautifully detailed landscaped sim design and unique feel. Black Creek Falls offers an unique lake house themed setting set around Black Creek Mountain, every house sits right beside the private and exclusive lake where they are free to access the lake that offers boating, swimming, and throwing beach parties. All houses on the resort directly connect to the walkway that goes completely around the edges of the lake, walk around, take a relaxing stroll around the resort or if you're up to it jump right in and go swimming!. 

Our resort was founded on Feb 14th 2013 under the previous name Sky Manor Resort which is our mainland trademark name. We have since then improved greatly and moved into estates to offer an true luxury.


What we offer our citizens:

Your Complimentary All-Inclusive Package includes:

  • Peace Of Mind Security: Your Home is Monitored 24/7 by our Grid-wide Security System with ability to invite your friends and family so they won't be rejected.
  • Long Time Reputation Your satisifcation is our business, Black Creek falls was founded by that pricipale. We've been in business since 2013 with over 100+ satisified customers to date!
  • Protected Beachfront: All available properties include 100% protected beachfront access guarenteed!
  • Automated Setup: Upon payment, you'll instantly be invited to our tenant only group which grants additional permissions like being able to rez objects and create your "home" setting.
  • Real-Time Prim & Land Cost Counter: All Residents get real-time counters and alerts when they have gone over their prim/cost allowance.
  • Voting Rights: All current residents have the opportunity to vote and nominate other residents for a position in the Resort Board which is in charge of giving feedback and comments to the owner. The Board will meet one time each month at an agreed time.
  • Boating Dock: Not only do all residents get their own boat slip, but they also get their own dock to park their boat and take it for a spin on the protected natural Black Falls Lake. *Rezzing a Boat counts against your prim count*
  • Luxury First Class Support: All residents get the best customer service we have to offer, you can reach us inworld through IM, Group Chat, Forums, or Visiting our office.
  • Beautifully Detailed Landscaping: You get to experience an true luxury of Second Life; Black Creek Falls previously known as Sky Manor Resort was created completely from scratch from the neck down by one of the finest landscapers in Second Life with over 14 years of experience.
  • Sim Beachfront Walking: Both Residents and the General Public are welcome to walk around our sim and swim on our protected beach front. There's also byicles available at the Resort's office.


Private Luxury Beachfront Family Homes

Black Creek Falls (210,222,25)

Black Creek Falls Rental Terminal L1 Prims:1200


Payment Options: 


L$358/day -2% Discount (L$351)
L$2500/week -5% Discount (L$2,375)

L$11,072/month -10% Discount (L$9,965)




  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Outdoor Deck and Patio
  • Security System included
  • Parcel Control (Privacy Enabled)
  • Protected Beachfront View + Walking Path Access
  • Vehicle Garage


All Listings (For Real-time Availability visit the link below)

View Available Listings

 Or Contact JustBecauseIcanBeFriendly Resident for a tour.


Additional Images:


Our Customer Guarantee:

We offer an 48 hour money back guarantee; if you decide that it doesn't work out for you within 48 hours we'll refund your money so you can try us out worry free. And if you have an problem that we can't resolve we'll refund your money no questions asked or transfer you to another area with 1 week added free for the trouble.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2767 days.

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