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Coming to The Live Cafe, Live This Saterday 1PM is Catdanc :D

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Blog info: http://the-live-cafe.blogspot.dk/2016/05/coming-to-live-cafe-saterday-75-57-us.html

Coming to
THE Live Cafe

Saterday the
  7/5 EU. 5/7 US.  
1PM to 2PM SLT
The Live Cafes
and wary on Singer

                                                        ☆ Catdanc ☆ 

were prove to be her new Home venue :D 

Her Profile
New to SL and sings in real for many events.
Catdanc has not a lot of friends in SL ,
but is looking forward to making some of you her fans.

She has been singing her whole life, 
She has done some community theater,
My Fair Lady,  Oklahoma,  Anything Goes..
Her background in music started with broadway, 
but loves Country music and lots of different music too,
she will give you a mixture of both. 
I enjoys singing and touching all of you with my music.
This is my new adventure  SL, hope you come along and
take the ride with me, I'd love to have you along

hugs u all
We got a Teleport to The Live Cafe at
the LUNA Teleport Landing Punt :D
*•.¸♥ ˁ(OᴥO)ˀ ♥¸.•*

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