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Hieronimos Audeburgh

Different texture faces are reset after upload

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Hey all!


I'm having some strange problem with a mesh (or well, I had this problem happen more often lately but this time I can't work around it). 


I want to assign different textures to the different faces of a model. I use five different materials in total. In Blender and the mesh uploader on SL everything looks perfectly as intended: 


It's after uploading, when I rezz the model inworld that I get this:


As you can see the yellow and white faces have turned green. These faces (the yellow and white) are separately selectable and I can put a different texture/colour onto it. But after I take the model back into my inventory the texture/colour is reset to the green material as seen above.

Why doesn't SL remember what colour/texture I assign to these faces and reset it after taking it back in my inventory?

Has anyone run into this problem before or have an idea of what might be going wrong?


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What you describe - different selectable faces reverting to texture and colour of a dominant one - sounds like a phenomenon that happens when the relevant meterials in SL have the same name. There are at least two known causes. First, when the names in the Collada file are actually the same, or they get truncated by the uploader at included spaces so that they become the same. Second. when a material/submesh has more than 21844 triangles the uploader creates an additional face that has the same name. As far as I know, the Blender excludes duplicate names and the Blender exporter replaces spaces with underscores. Those effects should exclude the first cause. Neither does it sound quite consistent with the sercond. Nevertheless, it is likely to have something to do with these effects. If you have any materials with more than 21844 triangles assigned to a single vertex, then the situation becomes more complex as the extra generated materials can take the total above eight and cause the separatrion of the mesh into multiple objects.

So recommendations are (1) make sure you have no materials in any one mesh with more than 21844 triangles (that would be grossly excessive for this kind of object anyway, for performance reasons). (2) Make suire material names are clearly distinct, preferably without spaces. If these don't work, then there must be yet anither cuause for this phenomenon.

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