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Hiring Store Managers - US time zone


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Looking for somone outgoing, energetinc and sweet. Easy communication with people and large time spans on SL. Your job will be to animate in a friendly and lively way the store and group, and help with other store tastks. Must be a couple of years old, having experience with your own store using templates is a +.

Tasks will be progressivly added as experience is aquierd.

General Tasks
- Answer any store or product related questions.
- Help customers with Gift Cards, Redelivery, Store Credit, Group Gifts, Discounts and ongoing events, finding stuff ect.

Mesh Agency Group
- Announce in group chat once a day (twice max for events and things) whatever is going on, latest releases, events,sales,gifts ect...
- Be your chatty friendly sweet self and animate the discussion when you feel its needed
- Watch and moderate group chat (not that its very necessary but just to keep an eye out)
- Send out "New @" notice maybe one extra time
- Create other information notices - Maxi 1 a day / one every other day we don't want to overwhelm everybody,
- If you see that i have already posted a notice earlier that day try and resend as late as possible after.

VIP group
- Answer requests on VIP group with vip group info notecard.
- If the client thinks that he might fit the requested criteria then you can give me his name and i will check his account.
- You can also check this list, if they are on it they they are eligible and you can send invite :

At the STORE :
- Hang around the store from time to time and be friendly and chatty, not commercial orientated more establish a connection with the people and their interests.
- Help people find stuff, show them the TP and TP signs.

Group Advertisement
- Join some important groups that you think will fit the meshagency public and request posting rights > consult me with chosen list.
- Repost systematically any post sent in meshagency group and create extra ones if the group authorizes it
- Respect the groups requests about posing content and frequency.

Facebook Advertisement
Share every posts that are on the facebook page in some big facebook groups (list will be provided)
Same day is best but if its a few days later thats still fine

Post info on blog
You will be set as an administrator of the blog, i where to post and how to set categories, i am very late on updating the products and news and need help getting up to date.

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hello my name is zaz, i have a iittle store in in sl ' retro closet ' i have been a builder for some time i am up beat , freindly and in sl proly 10 hours a day or more , i love to help people i am from the USA i n the central time zone, a night owl my jobs in sl range from modling to stripping , 5 years old and dont plan on leaving sl any time soon . facebook is my friend , 

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Heated Chemistry - Have been an SL resident since Oct 2006 (first avi rez date)

Experience working with templates, taught at TUi for a couple of years, and currently an affiliate creating clothing for prim babies (which was hard because no clothing templates are provided - you had to come up with your own from scratch!)

Long-term MA customer also in the VIP group. I have experience with groups, posting and moderating.

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Hello MiA!

I would love to be considered for a store manager position. 

I am in EST in US.  I'm usually available from about 7AM until about 8PM SLT.

I have been an SL Resident since 2007, with my first avatar, Hannah Leominster.

Hannah completed the Teaching Career Course at TUI, then taught there, and later at ICE.  She was a CSR for Vista Animations (and taught her very popular Animations from A to Z course for his customers), and CSR for Zion Chickens.

As BJ, I was a store manager for Trendy Templates (I am still a store assistant, helping in group as needed) and I am a group manager for Meli Imako.  I frequently write tutorials for Meli's page SLTutorials, and occasionally for SLDesigner.

I have my own clothing and shoe stores for kids and adults.  I plan to write tutorials for sale under my own name.

I would love to talk with you further.


BJ MacIntyre

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Name in world: Rose Van Helsing (Rose Shadowcry) 

I'd love to apply for the position. Experience is limited but I'm a quick learner and eager to work in world more. I've been using your templates for over a year, and they are the only shoes I wear when I do wear shoes. I have great communication skills, love helping out in anyway I can. I'm usually on SL from 6am SLT til well after 9pm SLT. Only time I'm not online is when I'm at my doctor appointments and I'm willing to supply a schedule with my appointments.

How do we go about applying?

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2778 days.

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