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I want to create a free texture website

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I am in middle of developing a free high quality texture website specially made for Second Life. It will contain mostly seamless textures.

Question: Which solution do you think is the best to get a texture in SL? Do you have a better idea.

I was thinking about many possibilities to make it more simple for avatars to get the texture:

  1. After you find the texture you need, you download the desired size (I will generate more sizes) than you upload to SL and pay 10L
  2. and/or I upload the textures to SL, get their UUID and post it on the my website. So those who can add textures through scripts can use these textures without paying the 10L.
  3. I will upload the textures to SL, put them in boxes and place them somewhere in SL. Every texture has a name so you can TP to this place and get the desired texture for free. The website has it's advantage that search and find the right textures takes much less time than in SL.
  4. Making one scripted box in SL with all the textures in it. You search the desired texture on the website, copy it's name. Than in SL you shout to the box the name of the texture and it will give it to you.
  5. I was thinking about "inventory item giver" using SL API, but I am not programmer, don't know if this is possible, a good technical solution would be the best and the fastest.

Let me know what do you think


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ehm... textures are everywhere on SL ...but.with already 109648 on MP, and several hundreds of thousends inworld what is it you going to add to that? Type seamless texture in Google and go to the image tab ...

Your most important question should be if it's worth the trouble to try this too.

And if you think it is, start at MP and open a place inworld. A very basic vendor will do for textures.


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I kind of like idea #4..  People could use the web ite to browse and/or search for textures.  I am assuming you want people to visit the web page for some other reason than just to give away textures, tho.


Other thoughts ....
Someone is going to pay 10L per texture.  Are you comfortable paying that?
If there is one point of uploads then each texture will have 1 UUID.  This is more efficient for SL but I hardly think multiple uploads from end users will make any significant impact on the asset servers.

If you just wnt to give away textures, why not box them all up in one and hand them out.  Setting up the box faces to randomly switch among the included textures is easy enough to do.

So I am assume you are wanting web traffic to recover a little cost from advertising and that means handing out single textures. 


So... on the web site people get the texture name.  In world, they say the name and get the texture.  I wouldn't shout, tho.  Maybe have some TV looking frames that rotate the textures over time but when they hear a texture name they load that one immediately.  The customer touches the TV to get what ever is on the screen delivered to them.

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Thanks Rhonda for your detailed feedback.

Searching textures inword is very slow you always have small packs of textures. On web you can find in seconds, what you need in one place, hopefully.

Hosting, bandwidth will cost so I will place ads for SL events and products. A little profit wouldn't be bad, but I want to make a good tool for people.

I don't mind paying for uploadind a few hundreds of textures.

I have to see some details about how many texture can be packed in one box without waiting too much for stuff to load. Maybe the fastest way to get what you want is if I upload all texture one by one to SL Marketplace, Maybe I will create one universal box containing all the texture - I wil check this.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2774 days.

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