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Lab Chat Returns May 6th, 2016 with Ebbe, Oz, & Troy Linden!

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With the increase frees to process credits to Paypal.

Why is some still seeing 5-7 days processing time?

There seems to be no process for insuring a faster turn around time and the comparision from one person to another doesn't make sense either.

While some have full credit card on file, paypal info. tax records and others don't and still more information doesn't insure faster processing.


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Please describe the plans for Oculus Rift and other VR HMD support and, if possble, a rough timescale for the developments.

Will the support be a separate branch Project Viewer for some time, or are there plans to bring the VR support into the main viewer quite soon, so its an available option in the mainstream.

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Is there any reason that the maximum length for a sound file can not be increased?  It is currently set at 10 seconds maximum. 

Any one wanting to play a longer sound file has to jump through hoops with scripts to accomplish it.  This has come up several times in the SL Forums.  EXAMPLE


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1. (Second Life) The tier buy-down option for full-primmed Estate regions levels the playing field with grandfathered regions -- but also removes any price incentive for Mainland ownership. Are there prospects of corresponding offers or something else of value to help retain Mainland owners?

2. (Sansar) At the moment, preparations are underway for SL13B, Fantasy Faire is underway, and events of similar scale happen year-round in SL, each with hundreds of simultaneous attendees. From earlier descriptions of Sansar, it seems the geography of such events will be accommodated (or nearly so), but is it known that a single instance of a geographically continuous Sansar experience can support that many simultaneous user sessions? (or more?)

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1, Is there a rough idea on pc system specs for use in Sansar i.e mid range / recomended for cpu and graphics card for people not wishing to use oculus rift.

2, what sort of bandwidth will Sansar have, I realise Sansar will be using 'substance like tech' and if thats anything like allegorithmic substances that use a compresion method  to allow fast downloding of textures/maps etc?

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Will any of the work on new bones (Project Bento) be incorporated into the default/system avatar? I am interested specifically in the facial bones being incorporated into the default/system head so that one can retain personalized facial appearance while having the enhanced expressions that Project Bento seems to provide.

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Thanks for another oppotunity to ask questions. 

Will there be, or are there any plans to introduce animated mesh into second life?  From my limited technical knowledge I'm pretty sure this may well save bandwidth. A use example might be a pet that has animated limbs rather than multiple meshes that use alpha swap for faux movement. Surely a single mesh containing animation data would be lighter on bandwidth than streaming multipe objects?

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I must repeat the questions I asked 2 years ago about Sansar and to which Ebbe gave only partial answers at that time. Much was "TBD" (to be determined) but at this time maybe LL has "determined" some of these things, so I paste here the main questions again and the answers that Ebbe gave 2014, in the hope that I can get more clear answers this time.


"Reply to Mony Lindman

‎06-25-2014 11:05 AM

You asked:

1 - What type of assets are more likely to be transferable to SL2 and what probably not? (meshes, animations, sculpts, scripts, textures, builds made of normal prims, system clothing ?)

- We don't have all the answers to this one yet, but several areas will have radical improvements and thus not possible to be fully backwards compatible.

Mesh is ok (but with better lighting and other tech you may want to make tweaks)
Animations will change (major mprovements as we don't currently do it the way it should be done)
Sculpts (TBD, but not as is, but maybe converted to Mesh?)
Scripts (major improvement, so will change)
Textures ok
Prims (TBD, but probably not as is)
Avatars will be radically improved as well so a lot TBD

Again, we will have years to sort this all out together..."

end quote

Now, the years have passed and at this time I would really need some clear answers to those "TBD" issues:


What "major improvements" have been implemented and mostly what will be the FORMAT of animations in Sansar?

Will there be ways to transfer or maybe to CONVERT IN WORLD the full permission animations that we already bought in SL?

I mention that full permission animators don't sell these animations as BVH files on the hard drive but as "in world" animations and whatever new format you may have determined for animations, the builders who bought these animations in SL can not get them on their computers and re-upload them again in the new world. This would be also against most of the TOS-es of the animators because in such a case the anims would have the name of the uploader as creator which is not allowed.

This is a huge issue due to the big number of furniture and/or buildings creators who use full permission animations in their builds. Not to mention the even bigger number of users who bought such items in SL and would like to have at least their favorite ones also in Sansar.

Is there maybe a way to have an IN WORLD TOOL to convert the old format animations to the new one? Or , would it be possible to maybe implement in your new engine ALSO the ability to play the old format of anims from SL, IN ADDITION to whatever format you may have chosen for Sansar ?


What will be the script language in Sansar ? Any hope of some in world "tool" to convert LSL scripts to this new scripting language ? Sorry if this sounds foolish, I am no coder and don't know if such converting is generally possible but I use scripts in my builds, so i have to ask ..


By both you mentioned some kind of "conversion" in your answers from 2014. Could you be a little more specific now ?


From your answers, I must assume that SL skins, shapes and system clothes are completely out in Sansar. And with them, also the tens of thousands of creators of such items. In 2014 you said: "Avatars will be radically improved as well so a lot TBD".  Well, like.. WHAT did you determin by now ?

Thanks in advance for some clear answers.


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     I would like to ask about The Constant throttling of Simulator Bandwtdth and Throttled Teleports and Issues such as reducing Physics capabilities have made a largeimpact on larger vehicles, especially those of  larger size and weight can not cross sim lines without having misteleports and complete Teleport Failures. What purpose does limiting Physics for a small amount of users that use vechicles in Protected Sims? It has made the Purpose of having the Regions practically unusable. 
Physics changes have been hard on creators that use its values, and when those values go down, you kill builders creations and limit future creations.

Can we not get our Bandwidth and Physics back to the way it was one year ago, when it was the most stable it had ever been in the history of second Life?

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Question about payment options.

Many clients require privacy. Several clients are challenged.
Just a few us$ makes a fortune in SL.

In the old days it was possible to get L$ in several ways without compromising privacy too much and that was relatively easy to do. All depending on providers in your local country.

One option was to send a text message (SMS) with a mobile phone (Europe). Another option was to give cash at a Lotto shop (Brasil).

Today, for understandable reasons, payment options have reduced.
To use either Skrill (did anyone read the reviews of this provider?), PayPal or a Credit card one has to sacrifice privacy and walk a complex line. Open a bank account, connect several dots (quite complicated for many) before getting a L$ to the Second Life account.

One way (Brasil), that is too complex for many, is to open a Boleto account, open a PayPal account, connect the two, connect PayPal with Second Life and enter cash into Boleto at the Lotto shop.

SL needs low budget clients! SL needs a save and private route to add us$ to your account!

I suggest a bank account where people can deposit money. In Europe you would need just one account since we have IBAN (SEPA). A bank account combined with the name of the SL client should be sufficient to enter us$ into a clients account.
For Brasil a Boleto account should work.

Can you please figure out a way to accept micropayments?

Reference: https://www.boletobancario.com/

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Around March last year Ebbe indicated on Twitter that the texturable faces per object/prim was going to be increased from the present 8 to an as then undefined upper limit yet to be decided upon in an upcoming viewer release.  What has happened to this and when can we expect it now, if at all?

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At present there seems that a project for support all the VR devices don't exist, just Oculus seem interesting, but there are many devices as Leap Motion, Kinect, Google Cardboard and so that are very interesting and useful in virtual worlds.

At today, we have many different viewers each of them dedicated to just ONE device. Why don't implement a process for support all the devices, for example as printers for a operating system, instead make and compile many different viewers?Is the same than have a wordprocessor that can print with only ONE particular printer, don't seem so smart.

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""1 - What type of assets are more likely to be transferable to SL2 and what probably not? (meshes, animations, sculpts, scripts, textures, builds made of normal prims, system clothing ?)""

Sofar i know this is already answered a few times in previous lab chat's

Nothing is going to be transferred from Secondlfie to SanSar. Unless the owner is reuploading the content again. There's also a reason why you not want to upload Secondlife content.The owner of the contenmt need to make the step and decision.

Script language is C# ( C Sharp )


Here is a link to page with the previous lab chat streams to listen to.



(below is my idea , based on information i have read and heared.)

  1. Mesh is not always suitable and need to be adjusted, creator need to reupload it.
  2. Animations are pretty useless because Sansar have much more bones, otherwise it cannot work with new technolgy
  3. textures could be reused, if the creator upload and sell them.
  4. Sounds, i think sansar can support uch better sounds. But again if the creator upload it to sansar it can be used.
  5. Sculpts are dead. inefficent, also in Secondlife.
  6. Normal prims, what is that ? Nope not in sansar.
  7. Clothing and avatar, if youuse a mesh avatar in secondlife. and the creator of that mesh avatar can port and upload it to sansar that could be used. Clothing same. as long it's mesh clothing. And the avatar is availble for the clothing in sansar and the creator have upload it into sansar you can buy and use it.
  8. Not sure if creators are going to give clothing you use in secondlife for free again to you in sansar. But that is with every asset the same. It depends on the person.


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Why doesn't Second Life have gift cards?  I go to the stores and I see gift cards for just about every game or service imaginable.  These gift cards could simply be for premium membership time, or better; un-cash-out-able account credit.

The gift cards are more than just an alternate way to bring money into SL, but also a way to advertise the platform.

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Thanks for taking my question...

Those of us who have been around Second Life for many years building businesses, educating new people, and creating content (for me its 9 years and 3 months) have a packed inventory of 1000s and 1000s of items that we have invented and developed over the years. We are vital and contributing members in Second Life and over the years have put our fair share of Ls in Linden Labs pocket with many many upload fees, store rentals, sims, etc.. Let's face it, if the stores close, the economy stops and for a lot of people its the economy in Second Life that draws the most creative people in to seek their virtual fortune.

I'm wondering if Linden Labs will honour our dedication and devotion all these years and give us any sort of price break to bring all of our product and inventions over to Sansar to help build an economy there?

Second question: How does a well established content maker get on the Beta Team?


Jennifer Steele aka Steele Wilder

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Much of my work focusses on physics-enabled devices, and I would like to know if there will be any significant changes with the Samsar physics engine. In particular:

- Will you be increasing the 32 LI limit for vehicles, and will there be any other significant changes for vehicles?

- Will the physics engine support articulating joints? For example, a swing or see-saw as a linear articulation. Currently, an articulating joint requires encapsulating one prim inside another which has reliability and performance issues.

- Will avatar mass (in kg) be determined by height only, as is currently? Will attachments affect avatar mass in the new system?

- Will the new engine be an update to Havok or an altogether new engine?


Thanks in advance,

Cuga Rajal

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Why so defiant on a Mac version client for Sansar – where you incidentially would be able to reuse most of the code for an iOS version? + Creators often use Macs. 

If your target audience is going to be  (high end) PC users with 3D grear, your initial statement on Sansar being targeted for millions of users falls in a strange light. 

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I've been talking to a number of creators in SL, and many express deep concerns over 2 areas when considering to make things for the Sansar platform. These areas are the TOS, and commissions. No professional 3D artist that I know would accept the current SL TOS for Sansar, and neither will I. The only reason some of us did accept the SL TOS is because we had already established businesses in SL way before the TOS change. Such a drastic change in the TOS also makes many of us weiry about trusting LL, especially since LL doesn't seem to take our concerns about this seriously.

As LL has said that they are catering to creators and developers with Sansar, are there any plans to adjust the TOS for Sansar? Please do remember that LL is competing for our attention. We, the 3D artists, have many options now, and there will be many more to come.

Can you give us any idea what the commission fees will be in Sansar? This is another deal breaker in many of our minds.


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  • Will we be able to host our own servers for sims, or will you still be forced to rent servers from LL?
  • Will the viewer be open source?
  • Will we be able to make actual NPCs or are avatars the only things that can be animated?

Second Life

  • What are your thoughts on RLV? Will some of that functionality ever be added to LSL?
  • It's been 8 years since you brought out mono. Have you ever considered taking a look at LSL again and adding new features such as higher memory cap, nested arrays or object orientation?
  • Could we see cube maps for reflections added in the future?


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