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Semi-Experienced DJ Looking For Work

Krash Nova

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Semi- Experienced DJ looking to expand his club line-up. 

I currently work for two clubs, one is on a set schedule and the other one I'm still trying to figure out as far as feel goes, below is a copy of what most DJ applications ask for, so hopefully it lets you know what you need to in order for you to contact me. 

I don't have an app on my phone that allows me to see chat, - I'll reply as soon as possible.

Contact me in SL via : krash1989


[1] SL Resident Name : krash1989
[2] Timezone : Mountain Standard Time
[3] Account Rez Date : 03/07/2016
[4] Where are you from : Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
[5] DJ Software : Virtual DJ 8 Pro
[6] Stream Software : Currently rent a stream w/ Sparrow Industries
[7] Style Of Music : Prefer to play Dubstep, I also have a mean Retro setlist! ♥
[8] Preferred Set Length : I prefer two hour sets, although I've done much longer than that [I believe my longest set was 5 1/2 hours]
[9] Mic Capabilities : I do have a microphone, and I'm fine with using it. Although I do like to play my music much more than speak. I am a very interactive DJ via local chat, which tends to keep the crowd interactive. I personally prefer to keep my microphone off while I DJ.
[10] Can you commit to a weekly schedule : Yes, although my weekly schedule does change in RL after May 15th or so, as my football schedule will start. While I will have all of my schedule beforehand, I will sometimes have something come up to where I may need to switch my shift, although I'll always give notice, and I'll always give more than a days notice if something comes up.
[11] Why do you enjoy DJing : I enjoy DJing because, well - I feel my music brings joy to people. I have been doing this for a short period of time, yet every time I hear that my music brings joy to someone, it makes me smile ear to ear. The joy, is much more enjoyable then any amount of L$
[12] Do you as a DJ have an advantage : Although I think a few DJs could attest to this, I believe it gives me an edge due to the fact that I know it to be true. I hate being, anything but perfect at something. Right now, I use VDJ without a deck, I use manual mixing and I’m trying to get better at it every day. I constantly try to evolve what I’m doing because I feel like sitting at where I’m at is very lazy.

You’ll always know I’m putting my best foot forward every-time I come on as a DJ.

[13] Club Experience [Past/Current]

Club: The Arkadium
Position: DJ
Reason for why you left: The owner actually was intending on shutting down the club, and then handed over management to someone in the club that I wasn't able to see eye to eye with, so we went seperate ways.

Club: The Escape
Position: DJ
Reason for why you left: I was unfortunately forced to shut the club down due to the expense and the amount of shifts I ended up DJing. I was forced to cover every missed shift by our DJs just so the club would continue to stay upright, the cost and stress levels were just too much to handle

Club: Dark Hive
Position: DJ
Info : I’m still currently employed there, although their DJ lineup is so large that getting shifts in on a regular time for myself that doesn’t include crossing into the next morning is hard, the management there is great, as are the club patron.

Club : BabyGirls
Position : DJ
Info : I just started working there and enjoyed it rather much. Although the shifts arent' going to be a big burden, the people there are rather interesting ^-^, so I'll be surely going there at least once a week.



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2786 days.

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