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Tryin' to find a good in-world store spot.

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I've recently opened my own store, and thus have several items up for sale. As I keep continueing my work on it, I feel the need for in-world selling locations is growing although I am unable to find myself some good spots to set these in-world selling locations up. My store is military themed, so anything military would be preffered.

Anyone got some good locations?

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This is tough. One of my main considerations for a store in SL is traffic. Will people see and visit the store? If not, why would I have one?

I have searched for store locations. My process was to look through the destination guide to find the places where I think my customers for a product may hang out. When I was selling rude/crude gestures the post-apocalyptic role play areas were a target. I would find a place I could rent then check the World map different times of day to see how many people were there and when. Hanging around I could watch the mini-map see traffic patterns. But, this is a lot of work.

Then there are the venues that draw people; Smoking Aces, Franks Jazz, Orgasms, nude beaches... use the viewer's What Hot in destinations to find busy places that favor your products.

Find your competitors and see where they have stores. When I traveled in third world countries I notices that merchants of a type congregated. Gold stores were all in the same couple of blocks as were; jewelry, auto, etc. The idea there and here is that if your competitor can draw a prospect, your being within sight may get you a look.

When I participated in Hunts, it didn't mater where my store was. The hunt brought prospects and customers.

Wherever you decide, track visitors. Use that info to decide if it worth staying in the place you found.

Good luck.

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