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Psistorm Ikura

Strange behavior with glow on PRIM_ALPHA_MODE_NONE

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This is more of a materials based question, but I hope I can resolve the problem I'm seeing.

What I have is a product with various textures, which may exist either in a non-alpha state (using alpha mode none in the diffuse settings) or in a half cut-off state, using an alpha mask. To save space in my scripts, I use the same texture in both cases, aka the texture has an alpha channel, but I use alpha mode none when I do not need the alpha channel to have an effect.

This works great in all cases, except for glow. For some reason, even with alpha mode none enabled, the glow effect is affected by the alpha channel, aka the portions that would be rendered invisible by the alpha channel do not receive glow.

Since my customers sometimes want a glow effect on the product, this is causing me quite some problems, since my system was initially designed around this one texture solution, as were the scripted appliers, since this particular oddity was only discovered after the fact.

My question is this: Is this intended behavior, or is this an SL bug that we might see a fix for down the road? Since if it is intentional, i will have to redesign parts of my work, potentially.

To sum it up: When using a texture with an alpha channel, but selecting alpha mode none, glow still is limited by the alpha channel, even though - in my opinion - it shouldn't be. Bug or intended behavior?

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