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Jobs for a man


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See this : http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Guide_to_Jobs_in_Second_Life


karlklondike wrote:

I also want to ask if I was a male stripper, or model (NOT escort/prostitue) if I would be required to change my avatar's appearance to what the boss wants.

For a stripper - possibly: If you don't have a real high quality sexy avatar already.  For a model: Definitely.  You'll need several high quality skins, different hairs, quality accessories etc.  You may have to change appearance for each outfit you model depending on what the client wants.

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karl ~

I hope someone will add to this because it will be far from complete, not ALL the possibilities, but just wanted to help you get the ball rolling. 

First, if you were to model it would depend on your client/boss whether you would need to change your appearance beyond your outfit. Most clients you will find want you to have your avatar setup perfectly and would hire you based on your avatare, so appearance change could be unneccessary. However, depending on the scale of the project and what you are modeling for, there is always the possibilitiy you will be asked to tweak or change something...

As for ALL the possibilities for jobs inworld thats a tall order! Here are a few common positions you might find inworld, and I will break them down into 2 categories, Trained and Non-Trained


DJ - At any given moment there is likely to be a club or venue hiring DJ's to perform on-location. This may be a big step for some residents as it involves broadcasting, musical knowledge and sometimes a small investment, it can be quite lucrative and also rewarding. 

Landlord - Though requiring a large initial investment, or at the very least a long-term plan or strategy, being a Landlord in SL can be a clever way to make some L$ to cover expenses or generate a bit of income. 

Dancer - I know most minds may jump to women when it comes to club-dancers, there are plenty of places men can get down and/or make a buck here in SL. You will most likely need a small amount of experience to get hired regarding things like emoting, avatar age and general knowledge. 


Host - For every successful DJ there is a Host to back them up and pump up the crowd! Being a party host can be fun and profitable at the same time, especially if you are chatty! You get the chance to mingle with the crown but at the same time receive your share of tips from the performance! The very best hosts have a network of friends to attend parties, know how to read a crowd and react, bringing energy and personality to a SL performance letting the DJ concentrate on what they do best, bumping the beats!!

Customer Service - Though there may be a small amount of training involved in this position I am listing it as non-trained because the business/client SHOULD teach you everything you need to know. CS-positions could involve being present at a shop or location for x-hours a day, or simply being available to receive messages and provide answers to questions. 

RolePlay - Not the most popular way to MAKE L$, but you can sometimes find an existing RP location looking to hire someone to jump onboard. This can be just about any type position depending on the community, ranging from medievial merchant to bartender in a cyber cafe. Usually the jobs will entail RolePlaying within the position, working regular hours and sometimes participating in storylines. 


Well, hope this helps start things off for you karl, you can search any of these things within the forum or even websearch to find more information, or keep looking in the "Inworld Employment" forum for job opportunities like this one. Best of luck and have fun!! 

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Hello, even the lists given are impressive and well explained, there is no complete list of jobs.

Think about RL and give me a list of jobs. SL is about all countries worldwide, jobs differ, change, new come old go ..

Better look what you can do, maybe better than others, and search for a job.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2361 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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