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N1CH013 Avon

Looking for someone to connect with (both friendly and romantic)

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I recently got back from a partial break of about 6 months (I was on and off periodically, but mostly off).

With this being said, most of the people I had connected with are missing; either unfriended or just don't come online. I would really enjoy meeting some new people to connect with, male or female!

I am a really shy person at first; and it has became quite the struggle to socialize outside of hosting or dancing in SL.


I would like to find people I can explore with and expirence new things with.

Personality doesn't matter to me, nor does age, as long as you are someone who comes off as fun and intelligent then I don't mind getting to know eachother.


Also I am searching for a possible romantic relationship in game, I don't want it to be something that is forced, which is why I decided to list it with a search for friends as well, because that is how the best relationships come into play! 


I am a 20 year old female; I've been playing SL for 5 years (yes I started at 15 :P). I would prefer to keep my RL seperate from SL, I DO have a partner RL and he is aware and fine with any partnership I shall seek In SL. I typically don't voice chat, my microphone tries to filter out any background noise and makes me sound younger than I am; and paired with my drawl its just a hassle to have to sooth out people's concerns over my "actual age".

I really dont mind if you want to voice; I will be able to listen and understand. Some days I might not come online because my real life gets quite busy at times. Generally I try to be on after 1:30PM SLT. Sometimes I will get on earlier; and when I get off depends on when I get tired.


I enjoy photography and Im starting my own blog.


With all of this said I hope that I meet some interesting people! I am in the SLT+3 timezone and you can message me at N1ch013 Avon.


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