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EVGA 460 GTX Graphics settings?

Daphne Schorr

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I keep hearing good things about the 460 GTX being a great bang-for-the-buck... SC = SuperClocked? Should be even better :D It reminds me of when I started Second Life on a 4200 Ti. I haven't used a 460 GTX firsthand but I have the 480 GTX. You should be able to set yours to Ultra in most conditions and have a good time, unless a place is especially dense and you can temporarily lower draw distance — remember to click Hardware button in the graphics settings and turn on Antialiasing to smooth out jaggies, I recommend 4x or better!

Also, it is normal for newer hardware to not be recognized for awhile until our engineers get it added to our "graphics card table" which the Viewer references for defaults. The 460 has been out for awhile though, so I'll ask what's up, granted that you're running the newest Viewer 2.5... because much older versions DO NOT use the web table.

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leliel, are these fairly common cards too? Can you name 'em? There's a huge variety of GPUs (and model variations) but we do keep stats on what Residents are actually using. Also, clarification: that gpu_table.txt is from the old days, don't refer to that. We update the table on the web now, so if you're using the newest official Viewer and your card isn't recognized at startup, that's a sign. Aha, I found the source:

"Our GPU/feature table is now stored on the web, so as new hardware comes out or drivers change, we can modify the features without requiring a new viewer"



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GTX 590

GTX 580

GTX 570

GTX 560 Ti

GTX 550 Ti

GTX 465

GTX 460 1GB / 768MB / SE

GTS 450

GTS 440

GTS 430


GTS 150M

GTS 160M



GT 325M

GT 335M

GT 345M

GTS 350M

GT 415M

GT 420M

GT 425M

GT 435M

GT 445M

GT 520M

GT 525M

GT 540M

GT 550M

GT 555M



HD 6990

HD 6970

HD 6950

HD 6870

HD 6850


HD 6770M

HD 6750M

HD 6730M

HD 6650M

HD 6630M

HD 6570M

HD 6550M

HD 6530M

HD 6490M

HD 6470M

HD 6450M

HD 6430M

HD 6370M

HD 6350M

HD 6330M

HD 6310

HD 6250


I'm shure there's plenty more, those are just the ones I didn't see after a quick glance at gpu_table.txt

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Thanks Torley!


(Love your tutorial vids, btw !)


Card is running great at ultra!  Such a huge difference, especially with some great Windlight settings and shadows turned on :)


This is replacing a very aged ATI card, and I am super impressed - and yep, SC is superclocked.  Yay!

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I also :) Even have the I core 7 950 and Asus extreme MB and SL told me my  recommended graphics "by default" was all set to bottom. Normal because I am sure its diifcult for Linden to recognize all the dirvers that are used to run viewer. One thing to remember is by setting your graphics to Ultra and beyond the "load" time will take longer. Some of this will depend on your connection speed, might try experimenting with bandwidth speed on viewer, also the amount of avatars and objects in each sim. So if your patient am sure you will have a wonder and colorerful expience in SL. Ride on EVGA !

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Daphne Schorr wrote:

Hi Torley,


Interestingly, when I turned on Anti-aliasing, it actually looked worse!  I had a white edge around most prims, like a bad alpha layer or something...  It got worse as I turned AA up...  So I guess I will leave that off for now!

Daphne this is a known issue with SL and AA. Turn AA off in the client and turn it on in your vid card's software (Catalyst for ATI or Nvidia Control panel for Nvidia). I did and it really helped (although I'm using Snowglobe and not v2).


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this isn't the problem YOU are having I think, but is something that anyone that reads this might want to know about....

using certain start parameters results in all sorts of misbehaviors for the V2 viewer...

--noprobe will reset the video memory to using 128MB, an you will be unable to set it back until you ligin without that switch.

--login will keep several menus and keys from being activated (mostly text editing controls) and will also cause a no warning crash-to-desktop if a required update or new ToS dialog comes up.

other common ones may have other effects.

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