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i need help!


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hi guys :) need help over here.

so i made a painting in blender got some uv mapping on it, uploaded it with textures,edges, and physics of the object, and set it to prim. but whenever i upload it this happens. it makes the complete look when i zoom in. so what i need help is for it not to be like this. please help meee. 

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As Arton has already said it is probably a problem with the lower LODs

Obvious statement :  The farther an object is away from you the less detail you can see.

Not so obvious statement : A mesh object in SL consists of 5 different mesh objects:

                     High LOD mesh           ( ObjectX )

                     Medium LOD mesh    ( ObjectX_LOD2 )

                     Low LOD mesh            ( ObjectX_LOD1 )

                     Lowest LOD mesh       ( ObjectX_LOD0 )

                     Physics mesh               ( ObjectX_PHYS )       

In SL, to avoid rendering  geometry that can’t be seen at a distance LOD meshes are used. LOD stands for Level Of Detail. (The Medium LOD mesh object will have less mesh detail (geometry) in it than the High LOD model, the Lower LOD less than the Medium and the Lowest Lod fewer again.)

When you view and object up close you are looking at (your video card is rendering) the High LOD mesh object. As you move away this High LOD mesh is switched to the Medium LOD mesh object. Zoom out some more and this will be switched to the Low LOD object. Finally as you zoom away this Low LOD will be switched to the Lowest LOD object.

The distances at which this switching happens depends on 2 things, the size of the mesh object (radius of the objects bounding box) and the value you have in your viewer for the RenderVolumeLODfactor setting.

For a small item like a flower vase the switching distances will be quite short. For a bigger object like a building the switching  distances will be much greater.

You always have to provide the High LOD mesh object, When you open the Build menu and choose Upload > Model and then select a mesh, this mesh will be automatically loaded into the High LOD slot.

If you don’t then go on to upload the lower LOD models then the Uploader will automatically calculate the other 3 lower LOD models. This is what is happened when you uploaded your Painting/s.

The uploader can’t know what faces are important to keep in the lower LOD slots and which can be removed. Only you can know this. The result is that when you zoom out from the painting the high LOD(s) is (are) switching to the medium LOD(s) which the Uploader has calculated to be a single triangle on the front face of the canvas . So you need to create at least 1 of the lower LODs yourself .

What I would suggest is :

Your painting seems to be a collection of  9 separate mesh objects? If this is the case and you don’t really need to be able to reposition each part of the painting when it is rezzed inworld then join them all into 1 mesh object inside of Blender. To do this : In Object mode, Shift select all 9 parts and the join them using the Ctrl  J shortcut. This will be your High LOD mesh.

In Object mode make a copy of this mesh, SHFT D  and move it to another layer.

Open that new layer and rename this copy Painting_LOD2.

From the images you posted I’m guessing that the painting is using 2 materials, 1 for the front faces of the painting and another for the edge faces that give the painting depth?  If this is the case :

Rule to remember when creating lower LOD mesh objects, All LOD models must contain the same list of materials.

The only faces that are important to keep for this lower LOD mesh are the front faces that hold the image. But as you have to apply the rule mentioned above you must keep one triangle that contains the second material so delete all but one of the faces that are making up the thickness of the painting . That is the Lower LOD mesh done.

For now, to keep things simple I would suggest for this painting you use this Lower LOD mesh in all 3 lower LOD slots in the uploader.

To export:  In Object mode select only the High LOD mesh object and export as Collada. When the Export window opens look on the lower left hand side of the window and make sure you check the box Selection Only from the Collada export panel. Save this high Lod model as , “Painting.dae”. Repeat for the “Painting_LOD2 and save as “Painting_LOD2.dae

Upload the High LOD “Painting” as usual then in the Medium LOD slot choose “Load from File” and load up your Painting_LOD2. You can re-use this mesh in the 2 lower LOD slots by  choosing the “Use LoD above” option.

For Physics you can use a cube of any size and Analyze it in Step 2 of the Physics tab.

If the LI costs are acceptable you are done.

If they are too high then that will be new forum question.  :)


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2806 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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