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Searching for Family & Adopting

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Hey all,
I'm currently looking for a family to be apart of, I haven't had a family on SL since I've been on here so this would be a first for me BUT I'm pretty excited about it. Here's a little about me:

Legacy name: LondieMonroe
Age: 23
Timezone: Central (SLT+2)

Looking for in the family: Honest, outgoing, loyal, truthfully, spontanrous.... I want a family that acts like a family and not like a group of people in middle school. I don't care about your sexuality or race as long as you're caring and all the things I listed above.I don't want a family with like 100 kids, so no kid collectors, I don't want people who try to sleep with eachother because that's gross (to me).. You're a family.. No people into age-play because that's also gross (to me).... I'd like to have 2 parents.

Looking for in a child (brief): I'm looking to adopt 2 kids at the most they can be siblings or twins, doesn't matter if they're boys or girls.. Looking for ages 2-14.. Looking for someone who acts the age they are roleplaying (if you say you're 2 act 2 not 30). Honest,loyal and have a sense of humor. Who enjoys roleplaying to make the family experience more fun and real.

About me: I'm silly, outgoing, and goofy. I tend to not bite my tounge when I see/hear something I don't like. I consider myself to be very trusting. My favorite colors are pink, white and grey, I can be extremely girly but like most girls I have my tomboy moments. I do work and go to school full time in RL but i am online daily... I want to adopt kids on SL so I'd prefer to stay an adult, I also have my own place and what not. Um that's all I can think of right now lol. My attention span just gave up on me.....

(please excuse my many typos, if any, in advance. Typo Queen here lol)

IM Me if you're interested.
LondieMonroe Resident

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Well I'm willing to take up your offer because I need a parent and/or family. My characters rp age is 18 and I'm a boy. Thing is I have different oc's but my main one is the 18 year old.

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