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Darrius Gothly

Instrumenting Failed Teleports

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The stories of people suffering constant failed teleports are legend around SL. If you gather 5 people, chances are good one of them will be able to regale you with 100's of specific instances where they were trapped on a Sim, unable to teleport out or home, and were stuck there for days if not weeks. This is not a new situation either as the stories and instances have been going on since I first arrived in SL in mid-2008. So here's my questions:


  • Do current or RC versions of the SL Sim Server have code to detect and log the conditions precipitating a failed TP?
  • Does this code distinguish between simple failures (where the Avatar simply returns to their original location) and crash failures (where the user's viewer crashes out either during or after the failure)?
  • Do these two types of failure modes have traits in common?
  • is this a problem precipitated by something about the user's connection or viewer software?
  • Is this a problem precipitated by something the user is wearing (such as script heavy attachments)?
  • Is this a problem precipitated by something inherent in the origination or destination Sim?
  • Is this a problem centered around data transfer between Sim Servers?
I'm not asking these questions to poke at or hassle the Sim Engineers. However from my experience with similar systems debug efforts, there are a lot of basics that are normally employed ... yet I'm not hearing about any of them. That could just be my lack of "welded to the hip" involvement with the team, but it seems like after several years of a problem, some news would have reached the mainstream.

If there is info on the efforts, findings and procedures involved in resolving the teleport problem, I'll happily go read and try to understand ... I just need a pointer to it to get me started. And if there is anything the user community can do to help, you KNOW folks would be happy to lend a hand. A simple posting to the main forums asking for "People with continual Teleport Problems needed for Test Runs" should draw about 100 willing candidates overnight (if not in the first hour).

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I don't remember all the details, but the latest server update was supposed to manage TPs better. And those who are using the 2.6 beta have reported a reduction in TP failures. I think it had to do with how the servers hand off avatar data to each other, and they've changed how that works.

I hope that's vague enough... ;)

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I just came across your post...

If you are interested in an answer to your questions, add them to the Server Group Agenda and attend the Office Hours Meeting of the group. The information on how to do that and the meeting times are in the wiki:  Server Beta User Group

If the meeting is at a bad time for you note that in email to the meeting facilitator. Let them know you'll watch for the answer in the meeting minutes, which are linked to from the wiki page link above.

Palidin is right that things have changed. If you ask those that are having the most TP problems which viewer and version they are using you may start to see a pattern.

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Nalates Urriah wrote:

If you are interested in an answer to your questions ...


I actually posted those as more of a "thought stimulator" .. counting on the natural inquisitiveness and curiosity in the segment of the SL populace that might best be called "Server Wonks". While I am (in a sense) interested, I'm not engaged or engrossed in the answer. (I hope that distinction makes sense .. )

What I outlined are basics of code diagnostics, plugging in specific code to catch and log failures and exceptions that were unexpected or improperly handled during operation. When faced with a long-standing issue (like failed teleports), it's one of the first things to do .. pop in some logging code and watch what happens closely.

So what I'm really asking for is ... someone in the Server Community to act as my surrogate .. or perhaps advocate might be a better term .. to take these questions to the group of which they are already part and get the answers for feeding back AND forward in the design / update process.

(Now, if you folks can come up with an extra 48 hours per day, I'm pretty sure I'll have enough time to attend all the user groups and meetings I am "interested" in. But lacking an immortal controller for my avatar .. I'm afraid reality and the clock win out every time. *smile*)

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