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Emilia Daxter

Black Swan is searching for an Businesspartner

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Black Swan is searching for an Businesspartner


i am Emilia, the owner of the Black Swan Fashion store. My store exists for two years now and keeps growing. I love to sell my items inworld and at the MP. For me good quality is important and it makes fun to create always something new . I would love to share this with someone.

What is my idea?

I would love to build a new Mainstore and would like to find someone who would like to build his store next to mine. So each of us has his own parcel, but we combine them and make a landingpoint in the center between our stores.

What business i am looking for?
I am open for many things. The place i have in my mind should be natural, beauty and elegant. If you think your business would fit to my shop, give me a call.

Why i am searching this?
Advertisement is so important for the business. I make frequent promotion in my store and I have many customers who look around. The partner should not be a newbie in business and should do frequent promotions or hunts as well. Together we could discuss new ideas and make our business bigger.

I would love to build a nice new place with you and would be happy if you IM me when you are interested.

Emilia Daxter

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