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Question: Imputing Buttons on Hud

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Hi I was wondering if i could get some help with my hud project.

Im new to SL creating and have very little knowlege on scripting. However, I am aware that a script is required for the buttons i want to use for mesh body appliers. As well as textures on mesh clothing/hair/accessories.

Here is an image link to how hud is to look and the numbers marking my questions for that specific part of the hud:


1. - Is a script required to click the different buttons?

- Is there a way to click the buttons to change or switch the set of textures/appliers and still be able to use the arrow keys to go to the next sets of coloured textures?

2. - Is there a script required to use the arrow to go to the next option of textures/appliers to change?


If this image is not helpful, I can link another image of a similar hud from another creator's hud as an sample similar to my request.




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1. Yes, absolutely.  A HUD without scripts is nothing but a textured prim.

1 a.  Yes, depending on how you write your script, you can easily changes textures or anything else on your HUD.  If you want to use those arrow buttons, for example, you just need to designate those areas on the HUD as "hot" areas that respond to touch.  Define them as your "forward" and "back" functions.  Then switch textures as much as you like.  As long as you keep those arrows visible so you know where to click, they will keep working.  (In fact, those designated areas will still be "forward" and "back" buttons even if you can't see the arrows.)

2.  Again, yes of course.  Without a script, your HUD won't do a thing. If you are not a scripter, you'll need to hire someone to write a custom script for your HUD because there will not be anything "off the shelf" that will do exactly what you want.  You can post in the InWorld Employment forum to attract the attention of a scripter.  When you get in contact, be as clear as you possibly can about precisely what you want a script to do, preferably in writing.  Also, work out details about price and delivery before you get started.

You might want to read http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Creating_HUDs to get some basic guidance before you get too far into your project.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2048 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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