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fernando90 Magic

Very low FPS

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ADSL Internet> 10 Megas
Video card> Geforce GT440
which runs the heaviest and modern including games releases.
Processors> Amd Atlon x2 3.1 Ghz
Memory Ram> 4 gigabytes DDR3
font> 500 real
HD> 150 Gigas currently 29 gigas available space

My pc is Good Game Gta V, Dying Light The Fallowen and all heavy games on my pc more Second Life lately hangs a lot! I have low fps too sometimes less than 1 Anyone know the reason for the low fps?
When I put the plate years ago it was not so.
Help me I need to play without locking

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 sl can't  be compared to games. Because games are made by professional designers totally pointed to perfect performance for the user.

SL is not... It is user made, everybody sees /creates  a nice image, object or pic, no matter what resolution, quality or complexity, and uploads/builds it inworld,  after that you enter those regions and SL send all that data to your pc.


Than your graphics.. gt 440 isn't exactly a high end graphics card. Think a mid/low setting is max to get a reasonable fps.

Your processor is ok,  but not much more, wouldn't expect real miracles from that.

Same as your memory, 4gb is normal, but not exciting for a real gamer.

It's possible you have a fast internet connection, but for sl it's not really needed, far more important is a stable connection. You can search for a tool to find out that on the www. A simple speedtest gives only one side info.

If you are on wifi... connect to wire.


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as i said already, speed isn't important, quality is... 7/8 megs means nothing if it has a huge packetloss ... SL will be unplayable..

but if you say all is ok , machine and connection,  lower your graphic settings will be the only things thats left.

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