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Ideas for fun?

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I have been in SL since 2006. The last few years have been so boring and lonely! I go out and try to meet people but seems like a BIG percentage of the population consists of bots.

Since my first days I have created stuff (I have a lil store ), I had innumerable clubs, live very different lives, role played all kind of stuff...and now...sadly...I must say I dont know where or what to do.

I used to spend entire nights and weekends here, and hope the workday ends so I could come and relax with my friends in sl. 

Is not like that anymore, friends have left, or made new accounts and there is nothing that excites me anymore and I hate it. I dont hate SL, what I hate is being so bored and lonely! I do nor want to leave SL because I love it so much...

All I do is shop and go to clubs full of bots...shakes head.

Hugs to all :)




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Have you tried joining a community or a photographic hunt?  both involve a good amount of socialising. 

Maybe boats or sailing...races and regatta's bring a lot of avi's together, both to watch or compete. 

I only wish I had more time to log in and get bored lol

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You're about a month older than me in SL, so we have the same length of SL experience. I can empathise with you about how you feel and how you've felt in the past, because I became quite bored with Sl some years ago too, and, like you, I never left. So we may have similar experiences in that respect. Where we are different is that I was never one for getting out and about much. I do like, and need, to socialise, but I've spent most of my time doing other things in SL. From what you wrote, we are also different in that, although my avatar is logged in ALL the time that I'm awake and at home (RL), I spend a fair amount of time afk.

For the last couple of months, I've had the creative spark again, and I'm spending a good deal of time doing it. It's not the same as before though. In the past I made things to sell, for the purpose of making money. Now I am doing it simply for the pleasure of doing it, and I am enjoying SL again - for the first time in years.

I would guess that getting bored with SL is quite common, and that what's happening with you is relatively normal. I would also guess that many, probably even most, people who get really bored with it, quit SL altogether. It would make good sense to do that.

I can't offer any answers or solutions. All I'm really doing is empathising with you, and saying that your experience is not unique to you, and that it's probably very common. I'm going to message you inworld. Perhaps you might like to chat a while, and maybe become friends.

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Good to know that i am not alone !

I am since 9 years in SL and was for now more or less heavily involved in Roleplay (except a few brief breaks). Since i left, i am kinda drifting. My rescue is building things which i rip apart once they are finished (numerous clubs and all kind of other things). Boys do that when its raining outside and there is nothing else to do :)

It is very hard to find a kind of community in SL which doesnt centers around XXX, bdsm, slaves, fairies .... each his own of course but i have seen it all and would like some "normal" people surrounding me. I am tired of sex clubs and gesturbators and as i dislike it to wear a tie, ballrooming isnt really a solution also. Besides, i always have the feeling to have to be very cautious because ... i really would just like to have a good time without having to explain a bit later that i am not up for any relationship *grins*

So, yeah ... i have no clue what to do. Maybe building a club for the "Drifters of SL"

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i buy an hud that teleport randomly ,it fun,some time i fall in bdsn club,then fall in pony stall,then in this water protected lands,then an overlag club full of mesh and moving texture,a wonderfull lands of fantazy,i fall on the moon last night,popup home(orb)...find a shop of old time lot of texture almost free,
there is forgotten world in sl.

travel using stargate,/d to go to random door

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Interest can come and go.

SL culture kind of accepts that newbies are looking for things to do, friends to meet, and poseballs to bounce on...

But I guess its a bit more intimidating as an oldbie when the friends have moved on, the venues have closed, and all the pink and blue poseballs just aren't funny anymore...


I can relate to that. I've found my friend list has dwindled to a long list of names that last logged in during the Kennedy administration...

I've found I'm too picky in where I go, I've got a bit curmudgeny and not as willing to just randomly zap in to a spot.

And enough past drama has made me think twice too often about engaging in some communities.


I've actually been mulling over posting about this myself... and its a part of why I decided to look at the forums again after almost a year of avoiding them... not that I expect much here - I've tended to get on with the forumites like oil and water. But its still a good topic, and very interesting to see that I'm not at all alone in this.

When I started in SL people told me the average user lasted a year and a half. I remember counting down to that time and grinning when I passed it - even as even by that time 2/3rds of all the friends I've ever had in SL had already left...

Now for those of us on the long in the tooth side of being in SL - there's nothing here that is ever going to be fresh and new again. Its more about things being familiar and comfortable now.


I think the solution is going to come down to finding new friends, who are also interested in enough like things. SL is social - and if a lot of your friends have left, then it makes sense that a narrowing social circle is making the platform as a whole seem less interesting.

So ask yourself what it is you want in some SL friends... and from there put out feelers for them. I'll probably do my own list like that, but on my blog once I've thought about it more.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2403 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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