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Looking for some help with making a few scripts

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I'm opening a RP SIM soon and I'm working on a HUD. So far I have the dice scripts in but I'd like to include an inventory script and a skills and attributes readout. 


My thought it that the scripts would be channel/NC configurable so that they wouldn't have to go in and manually change the NC when they gained a level or got a new item. I'd like it to be a sort of /41 CH 1 and their charisma would go up a point so when they click the skills button and the skills menu pops up and they choose that skill, it will show their new charisma skill sort of thing. 


As I'm a beginner scripter, it sound relatively easy to me but again, I'm a beginner so I have no idea how to do this or what it would take but I would love some direction.

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