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Juliet Moonshadow

Cross County Court and City Hall is Hiring!

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Cross County Court and City Hall is looking for people who want to join our staff. The perfect candidate for us would have a great personality, be able to talk to anyone in SL with respect and understanding, have passion and desire to be a part of our team, and have an awesome sense of humor!! Remember though, while SL is a game, these positions are not and you must be reliable and consistent.

Requirements for all positions:

*Must be trustworthy and honest. The only way SL businesses can grow is to respect each other.
*Must be at least 30 days old with experience in basic SL culture and have a quality avatar no matter what your personal style is.
*Must have superb people skills and able to work well with others.
*Must have an email account with your SL name and be able to use voice to listen at least.
*Must want to work in an awesome environment and be willing to work hard!
*If you are hired, all court related work must come through our company. Freelancing, contract work, working for other companies within our field, even helping friends, MUST be discussed before you accept or perform any court related work!

Pay will be discussed with each individual but will be based on commission and hourly rates.

Please only apply if you are serious, as we wouldn't want time wasted otherwise. We welcome all serious applicants to apply. We will even consider training for the right person.

When you are done, please submit this form and we will be in touch if you are a good fit!

We are hiring for the following positions:

Court Clerk


Justice of the Peace


Please apply here: http://crosscountycourt.blogspot.com/p/employment.html

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