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Community forums - my profile image keeps disappearing!

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I've had to upload my profile picture half a dozen times by now, for some reason it keeps disappearing and it's not being saved in my previously uploaded images. 

This only applies to my community forums profile, not my in-world avatar profile. 

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I've had the same problem. It appears that any image that's uploaded to your profile via "My Settings->Social Connect" will evaporate after a few hours. I knew something was wrong even before a recent profile image upload disappeared because it did not show up in my uploaded image library.

So here's how to get around this new bug...

  • Go to an old post of yours and edit it to include your desired profile image. You don't want to create a new post to do this.
  • Post the edit.
  • Immediately edit the post again to remove the image.
  • Post the edit, returning your post to its original form. Your profile image is now in your image library .
  • Return to "My Settings->Social Connect->Browse" and select the image you just uploaded "From My Uploaded Images".

That should do it! And if people start accusing you of stealth editing your posts, you now have a valid reason.

I suppose I should open a Jira. I'll return to the thread with a link after I do.

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