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Irene Muni

Smile: marriage proposal in SL Answers :)

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:smileyvery-happy: :smileyvery-happy: :smileyvery-happy:

Sometimes I ask myself if the real LL's business will not be divorces :smileytongue:

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"So, you are a tiny neko, and he is a 20 m long dragon.  Does this size difference and species difference cause any problems in your lives?"

*sniff*  He was so nice when we first met!  Now he's nothing but disrespectful!"

"That's not true!  I've never said one cross word to you, ever."

"Now now, people.  Yelling isn't going to solve anything, and in fact just makes things worse.  Now, you say he's disrespectful?  How is he disrespectful to you?"

*sniff*  "He won't close the lid."

"Oh for the love of... not this again?"

"The Lid?"

"Yes, the lid."

"Well miss.  I daresay most, er, males, have a problem with putting down the lid to the toilet after they are done."

"Toilet?  Who is talking about the toilet?"

"yeah.  We're talking about the lid of our communal casket!"


to dragon   "Are you sure this guy is a SL marriage counselor? He doesn't seem to know very much about relationships in SL."

"Hey, he just might not understand the intricacies of neko/dragon/vampire RP."

"I'll bet HE knows to close the lid, at least."

"I'll bet HIS casket isn't over 20m long, either!"

"Hmmph.  Too bad other things aren't 20m long."

"Now, now you two..."

"So much for that lie about 'size doesn't matter'!"


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