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A friend thinks I am hiding

Oceani Palianta
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It is a bug that if someone unchecks to show online status that they vanish from the website friends list instead of just showing as offline, so I can see why your friend would think thats the case. She should also appreciate that bugs do happen in SL & take your word for it that didn`t uncheck her.

Make sure you both still have each other`s calling cards & try defriending & refriending each other again & see if that fixes it.


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There is a lot of mistrust in Second Life, caused by it would seem (a) basic human nature, and (b) glitches in the system. 

I never take the details on my dashboard or inworld friends list as the truth, nor am I offended if people hide their status from me. 

You can show your valued friend this thread and hopefully she will get a more balanced picture of the situation as everyone adds their input. 


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Today SL is being bad in-world and on the site. I show my sis online when I know she is at work. Refer your friend to this link http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ 


[postED 2:10 PM PDT Mar 21 2011] Work to resolve the current issues is still in progress. Please check back here for updates.

[postED 1:06 PM PDT Mar 21 2011] We are aware that a portion of our residents are currently experiencing problems logging in and with inworld services as well as having difficulty logging onto the Second Life website. We are currently working to resolve this as swiftly as possible. In the mean time, please avoid making important transactions or rezzing no-copy objects.

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