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Cosmos Master Official Launch Convention and Afterparty

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For over a year and a half, a team of highly selected programmers, graphic artists
and marketers have come together to create a game unlike no other.

A game that until now has remained largely hidden;
one that hopes to change the way games are played in the
virtual world.

A game to learn, to play, to earn and get paid.

A game that's finally ready
to be revealed to the public.

Febrary 23rd, 2016


Convention starts at 3, Q&A @ 6 and afterparty 8PM +

For the very first time ever
you'll get the most pay at the lowest cost.
Earn more than you thought possible,
and drive high volumes of player traffic.

Use your BX-Z 42 interstellar class starship to harvest resources and sell them
for guaranteed cash.
Refine them to materials and make fuel for things like combat,
cloaking, repairing and more.

Place resource prims on your land and feel the
power of community run through you.

Join us for our convention center launch,
followed by Q&A about the game,
which precedes the launch of the official game
to be announced moments before the official after party.

We all hope to see you there.

And always remember Initiates:

Beware the umber;
be one with
the light.

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