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Cottage For Rent on a Kitty Farm

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I have done some remodeling on my farm and I have a large sized, fully furnished & security protected cottage for someone or a couple to live in, would be great for someone who has KittyCatS breedables too or someone that would be okay with living with many cats. I am upgrading the prims up to 500 prims and rent alone will be $500L a week. 

It is located in an Adult region, has an adult bed, fireplace, adult shower (or tub if you prefer), fireplace & living room area. Outside we have a tree swing and patio area under the tree. We also rez out our pool on warm days. If you would like to rez out some furniture of your own, you're welcome to as long as it isn't prim crazy.

This is perfect for a single avatar or even a couple without children. Even better for people just starting out or are transitioning into a better home. You will be the only one(s) on the farm 95% of the time, I only go there to feed and tend to the cats. And your privacy will always be respected, I have a family of my own and a home to tend to Smiley Happy So communication with me will be vital

I'm looking for someone to split half of the rent with. It would be $250L a week, or if you have a partner/friend, it would be $125L each person.

If you don't have any cats, that's totally okay with me as long as you're okay with the many kitties running around and okay with the possibility that they might attention wh*re you.

If you want to talk about it or see the place, you can get ahold of me directly in world via notecard. My username is DJxPurity Resident.Please don't respond to this post or send me a PM on the forum, I more than likely will not see it!



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