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Click on Hud Attachement when Hear message channel

Rafael Tower
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Hello everyone !

I was wondering if I it is possible to command an action when a hud attachment sends a message on local chat.

For example:

When it says the hud says "Hello"

My script will "click" on it or emites a sound.

I hope I was clear enough in my request O.O

Thank you very much !!


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Yes, one script can listen to what another one says.  If you're smart, though, you will have the HUD and your other script communicate with each other on a channel that is not the PUBLIC_CHANNEL.  If your second script has to keep a listen handler open on channel 0 all the time, it will be adding unnecessary lag to the region. Tell your HUD to sayy its "Hello" on a different channel at the same time that it says it for you to hear.

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Rafael Tower wrote:

Yes I know a script can listen but it wasn't really my question.

My question was, when the script hears something specific, can it reacts and do an action like click on something (another hud).

Thank you very much Roling

Yup.  Same answer.  You can listen for a specific signal, either by filtering in your llListen statement or by using an if test in the listen event.

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