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Lexy Darkstone


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★Unlike Anything You've Ever Experienced! ★

A Rare Opportunity to build a life on an Estate that supports the Ideals of Community, Companionship and the Success of it's Creative Natives has now opened up .

Your rental not only includes the area in which you occupy but also amenities above and beyond the 'big chain rentals', such as personal assistance with landscaping and a Management Staff with over 6 years of Virtual Design Experience. Friendly , Personable and Available Assistance nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for not only your rental needs but people that are open to answer hardware/software questions as well as General Secondlife Experience/Assistance and we pride ourselves in being more than just a management team but a community who helps eachother on projects in and out of SecondLife.

In addition to your purchase all residents and their Guests are welcomed the use of "SUBLIME" - Our 4 Season relaxation and romance parcel full  of rolling hills, channels of navigable waters, fishing areas, horse back riding, and hidden surprises to enjoy with your guests.  We are a 4 season sim so our landscape is ever changing as well as our activities which we enjoy hearing from our guests and residents on ideas on what to include to make the seasons more fun for all.

 And as always :

Monthly Payee's get discounted rent, see Management for Details!!



4096 sqm. Lot  Available!

-----  A Rare opportunity to claim a Cozy 4096sqm. parcel with access to SAIL-ABLE channels.

Affording lucky renters 1037 Prims to build their dreams upon.

Price for this option :

4096 Sqm. @ 1549$L / Week

*Additional Discount for Monthly Rentals. Contact Lexy Montagne or Genesis Montagne to Discuss *

This Parcel may be visited at:



4096 sqm. Sunset view Available!

------  An equisite 4096sqm. SUNSET Parcel with access to SAIL-ABLE channels and TOWERING Waterfalls. The Lucky renter receives 1037 Prims to fordge a home upon.

Price for this option :

4096 Sqm. @ 1549$L / Week

*Additional Discount for Monthly Rentals. Contact Lexy Montagne or Genesis Montagne to Discuss *

This Parcel may be visited at:



:: Also Available in Limited Quantity :: 

SKY RENTALS @ 1.4L/Prim Useage.

(We do NOT provide the platform or 'skybox' . We allow residents to do so for their own personal style . Understand you are renting the prims you are purchasing.) 
Skyrental's include all of the perks of our Native Land Tenants. Renters my choose to bring their own platform or enjoy the unique experience of one of our "land scape platforms" of simulated land , in the sky! Renters choice.

Remember, Your purchase also includes the use of :

Our Public Seasonally Landscaped Sim - Sublime, for Gatherings, Relaxation and Parties.

Dance Rezzer's (upon request) full of Male/Fem/and Couples Dances upon your parcel for personal private use.

Personal Landscaping and Custom Texturing/Creation Assistance

...the piece of mind knowing You are not just renting a slice of prims , but joining a stable, lasting community to call HOME.


If this sounds intriguing , we would love to have you tour our Public Area - Sublime- Anytime..

Sublime May be Visited @:


Any questions please contact via NC Lexy Montagne or Genesis Montagne


Feel free to check us out on Facebook of course


And please do not hesitate to message myself or Genesis Montagne with Any Questions ^_^v

Enjoy Your Secondlife, may it be Sublime!

Lexy (Darkstone) Montagne

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