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Mortal Decay - A Zombie/Apocalypse Roleplay (NOW OPEN)

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Mortal Decay takes place 2042, 20 years after the initial outbreak. With only a small percent of the world population left, the conflict has long since burned out. Though many survivors still hold grudges. Whatever government or organized leadership that may still exist is primarily focused on developing a permanent cure or stable society, and simply surviving. 

As it turns out, the lab that created the virus also has been rumored to have created a cure in some form. This rumor keeps interest in the city high, as it also has the largest remaining supply of Prionophen in the world.

(Mortal Decay takes place in a fictional city of Japan. Often refereed to by it's nickname "Las Vegasaki," the city was constructed at the beginning of the third world war to accommodate and entertain United States forces on leave. U.S. based businesses were invited to open there under U.S. tax law, including a large casino from a company based out of Las Vegas- earning the city a reputation for gambling.)


This isnt my sim but the owners are super nice, the sim is in its first steps to forming. So far no factions have formed yet and its a fresh start. Come check it out and join the sim group for announcements on events and possibly a grand opening party Im trying to talk them into!

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