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The Luxe! Become a Luxe Lady Today!!

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Hey there Ladie's are you looking for a fun enviorment, to work. We want to be a team, we want to get to know you, and we want you to have a positive experiance. Our goal is to become one of the top clubs on sl but were only going to get there with your help. 


Consider us 



The Luxe Gentlemen's Club is looking for classy, upscale girls to be Luxe Ladies.  

If you're new or have little experience, we're willing to work with the right person.



$30L/HOUR + 80% Service Rate + 80% Tips

Free ad board if you work over 8 hours per week

Weekly Bonus for the Luxe Lady of the Week


Positions Require:

- Attractive Avatar with Mesh Hands and Feet or Mesh Body

- Voice Verification and Ability To Use Voice, Even If Only Used To Greet Guests

- Basic Knowledge of Emoting

- Basic Knowledge of In World Movements/Furniture



Visit Us In World To Apply!  The Hiring Booth is to the LEFT of main the entrance

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