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Kid avi lookin for friendship with other kid avies.

Sashiku Kas
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Heya~ I'm hoping to make some good friends to hang out with. I don't really have a lot of kid friends and most of my friends are content creators or family. They're also mostly adults. Its always good to have more friends to go fishing, exploring, building, shopping or pranking with. :3


I'm not saying adult avies don't like to do stuff like that, but most don't. XD At least not the ones I've met so far. I'm not one to sit around on SL. I need to DO things. :)

Example: I took 2nd place in the 2015 Easter Egg contest under the artistic kids category.

I also like to assist new people and sometimes teach simple prim building techniques.

Here's me in world. ^.^

I am ALWAYS getting into trouble or being random. I'm also a content creator so I'm totally open to having a friend that creates too or a freind who doesn't create at all. :)

When not being random on SL I'm either drawing, listening to music or Swimming (in the summer). I'm also a bit of a foodie as I enjoy preparing and eating good food.


Time zone: GMT -6 (Central time) 2 hours ahead of SLT.

I appreciate honest people. :) Also, no mass Tps please.

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