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LOOKING FOR WORK? Work is looking for you! (DJ's, Dancers, Managers, Hosts, & More!)


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Hello there!
You're probably here looking for a job. Well. You can stop looking. Most likely... If you're tired of the daily grind and the same old routine in SL of 1000 applications for jobs that last a week, then you've finally come to the right post. Creativity Blender Enterprises is in the process of seeking highly qualified candidates, as well as newcomers looking for their first shot at various career options that SL offers. We offer the ability to work at multiple venues across SL, without all the hassle.

Candidates Should Be:
- Able to have a working knowledge of SL
- A understanding and basic use of English language (We ARE seeking non-English candidates as long as their secondary English skills are adequate!)
- Able to handle simple web browser functions
- The ability to communicate clearly and sociably.
- Willing to work in a team environment.
- Ready to earn an above average income.

We're currently taking applicants for all of the following roles.
- DJ's
- Hosts
- Shift Managers, General Managers
- Human Resources
- User Experience Experts
- Marketing Staff
- Live Singers
- Models
- Designers
- Scripters
- Builders
- Administrative Assistants
- Photographers

As you can see, we are looking for a broad array of candidates. To learn more about what opportunities are available, please messagein game to receive further information and get started on the application process!

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***BUYER BEWARE***  THIS COMPANY IS A TOTAL SCAM.    I placed an order for a 7 day week of  DJ's and Host and was charged 11,000 Linden due upfront to place the order.   They were paid in full.  (my mistake I know)  One host is the only one that showed up and he was 50 mins late.    I asked for a refund since they did not complete their end of the contract but I have yet to see anything returned.   The owner of this business Fenrιr (zefenrir) refused to refund the linden for a contract he did not fullfill.   It doesn't matter if it's $45 worth of linden or $45,000,  a theif is a theif.  


Chat logs are available for proof if you would like and Linden Labs has been notifieid so no other SL resident will fall prey to this scam.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2420 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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