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the CONVENT ... A Supernatural Roleplay Club

Conall DeCuir
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Supernatural Erotic Roleplay in a Moden ADULT Club, located in an old and renovated Convent ... if that is what you would find interesting, you should pay us a visit and have a look around. Our Roleplay will include public sex, nudity and now and then a bit of domination and submission. We are no BDSM Club though !!

What doe we play?

Bored and unhappy as the Lord of Hell, the original fallen angel, Lucifer has temporary left his throne and retired to London, where he owns the CONVENT, an upscale nightclub ... to seek for new souls and minions.

That's our Lore or Storyline and it is up to you what you play, if you want to play or if you merely enjoy a very nice Club, with seemingly very nice people *grins* and just enjoy your Life and your evening. Our Avies remain mainly human looking but we might change when we are aroused.

If you want to join us for roleplay, you are most welcome to use the club as your stage or the Devil's Den ... to let your evil side free.

Humans, Devils, Angels, Vampires, Fallen Angels, Succubus, Incubus or a Gargoyle ... you get the idea i am sure.


Please contact Conall DeCuir for any question.

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