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A thought on limiting copybotters..

Selina Anatra
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Recently had to file a DMCA on some marketplace items which were very obviously stolen from me...

One thing, when I've seen these I notice that their ages are usually only a few months or less old....


So, it would seem to me that one way LL could limit these is to set a minimum age that someone can be before they are allowed to post items for sale on marketplace...like 6 months or so at least.


Just my thoughts...

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Your suggestion is a bit asinine to me. For starters some people hear about SL's money making abilities from friends, internet sources, business articles and come here specifically to start a business designing items to sell. Additionally, some people create separate avatars specifically for creating and selling items. Restricting marketplace isn't going to limit copybotters because they'll still copy your stuff and just wait the time frame required and then list it on marketplace. In fact a time frame restriction hurts legitimate creators more than it does copybotters. Your best option against a copybotter is exactly what you have done a DMCA report filed against them.

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