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How do you join the user groups?

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Adult ContentIssues concerning the adult continent Zindra and other adult-related issues.Blondin LindenWeeklyMonday11:00-12:00SLurl
MeshMesh Import Beta/project feedback and discussion.Charlar Linden

Nyx Linden

Server/Sim/ScriptingSimulator issues and technology.Andrew LindenWeeklyTuesday12:00-13:00SLurl
Viewer 2 Design and CodingHow to get around in Viewer development; design and coding issues for developers.Q LindenWeeklyTuesday14:00-15:00Merov's PlaceD
MarketplaceDiscuss SL Marketplace updates and issues.Brooke LindenBi-MonthlyTuesday - First Tuesday of the month.17:00 - 18:00SLurl 1 SLurl 2 SLurl 3 SLurl 4
my.secondlife.comUpdates and feedback concerning my.secondlife.comFredrik LindenMonthlyTuesday - First Tuesday of the month11:00-12:00SLurl
Viewer EvolutionReview of proposals for new features and changes in the Second Life Viewer; for Second Life Viewer developers and users.Oz LindenWeeklyWednesday08:00-09:00Snowstorm Team Sand CastleD
Open DevelopmentOpen source policies, resources for contributors, and progressing contributions through the Snowstorm process; for open source contributors.Oz LindenTwice WeeklyMonday
Oz's RaftD
MarketplaceDiscuss SL Marketplace updates and issues.Brooke LindenBi-MonthlyWednesday - First Wednesday of the month, every other month Starting 4/6.10:00 - 11:00SLurl 1 SLurl 2 SLurl 3 SLurl 4
Community ToolsFeedback and discussion of the Second Life wiki and community platform (SL Answers, Blogs, Forums, the Knowledge Base).Rand Linden

Lexie Linden
Amanda Linden

WeeklyThursday13:00 - 14:00SLurl
Community TranslationDiscussion of localization and translation related issues.Noelle Linden

Eli Linden

Bi-monthlyThursday - every other Thurs. starting 3/24.14:00 - 15:00Localization Central
Server BetaAnything pertaining to server changes and public beta testing.Oskar LindenWeeklyThursday15:00-16:00On Aditi: SLurl
Teens in SLDiscussion on teen issues and community.Terrence LindenWeeklyThursday14:00-15:00SLurl
EventsDiscussion on events, particularly for event promoters and the music community.Blondin Linden

Brett Linden
Courtney Linden
Sea Linden

MonthlyThursday - First Thursday of the month.14:00-15:00SLurl
Server/Sim/ScriptingSimulator issues and technology.Andrew LindenWeeklyFriday16:00-17:00SLurl

(includes classifieds)

Discuss Display Ads, Classifieds, and the future of advertising in Second Life.Thor Linden

Sea Linden

Bi-MonthlyFriday - Third Friday of each month.13:00 - 14:00SLurl
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I think the bumph that came out about the new User Groups was misleading.  They seem to be running pretty much like the Office Hours of old, in that if you feel the subject applies to you, you just turn up, using the SLURL they've given.  Certainly for the User Groups I participate in.

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I think its incredible we have these sessions anyway, seeing as how we don't actually work for the company, but it is a bit of a problem if you want to give live input and can't attend them.

You could read through the transcripts they all upload after their User Groups and submit any comments/ideas/suggestions on a notecard to the relevant Lindens, or via email if they give it somewhere.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3749 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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