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Those cars on the mainland roads. Grrrrrrr.

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AnnMarie Otoole wrote:

I've given enjoyment to as many as 250,000 passengers in SL.  [...]

I assume this is the number of unique passengers. And I would be curious to know how many of them have never repeated the experience, once - just as I quickly did then -  they realized that, due to the slowness and erratic behaviour of your vehicles, simply walking is even more efficient, reliable... and finally faster. :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:

Or maybe we just don't have the same definition of "enjoyment". :matte-motes-asleep:

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AnnMarie Otoole wrote: *  Most people love them, some hate them, can't please everyone. *  They are popular.  Over 50,000 rides by over 27,000 riders since January. Does this include the times I'

To be honest, though, I kind of miss them.  Well, maybe not quite as many as there were at one time, and maybe not exactly how they behaved in their current state of development, and... well, they rai

Oh, my, you are so thick, it is absolutely unbelievable. Let's go through the points one by one: 1.: The landowner's problem?!? Sorry to burst your bubble, but the pile-ups are your problem. And whe

Since you asked, here are the statistics, as of this moment, 104,138 unique individuals have taken a total of 307,631 rides on the vehicles.  That is about 3 rides per person on average and with about 50% taking only one ride that equates to the rest taking 4 rides and more on average.  I have Names and keys with 8 people over 1,000 rides, 45 over 100 rides (44 not counting myself).

No one is forced to tip, it is purely voluntary and only available after riding for 3 minutes.  If the ride was so distressful how come tips pay for half my tier costs?

What is VERY STRANGE about your post is that if Daria Linette is your SL avatar name you have the second highest number of rides with 9,239 rides and the last one today (Tuesday 9/24/13) at 20:58 GMT.  Would you care to explain your addiction and why you have taken so many rides if they are so terrible? 

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Easy as pie! As far as I know, in Canada, an automobilist's nightmare is called the moose: as dumb as a chicken, as tough and bulky as a tank. In SL, an automobilist's nightmare is called... your vehicles! Same features. :matte-motes-wink-tongue:

Overtaking or crossing one of them is always a bit perilous. I never know if they won't make a sudden path change and push me and my vehicle to an unpleasant spot (ban line, no-script or full parcel, etc.). So I've taken the habit, each time I cross the path of one of your meese, to stand up my car, jump on "yours" and stop it. So I can keep driving in peace. :matte-motes-sunglasses-1:

Since we're laying our cards on the table, I must even admit that this small habit has became a real reflex to me, especially since I discovered that, when certain conditions are combined, your meese don't go again once stopped. So, the autoreturn can deal with them accordingly. One less wandering object on roads is not much, but it's still something. For me, it means one less dumb car wandering on the grid, colliding other users in the next regions, and finally ending its way by piling up on another unplanned dump, like this one:


By luck that day, my own car had good brakes.:matte-motes-smitten:

9.239 simply means I crossed the path of your meese 9.239 times so far. Or maybe I should call them cockroaches, due to the way they uselessly swarm around the grid. The numbers speaks for themselves. IMHO a serious species regulation is needed in here... :matte-motes-evil-invert:

Should your stats show this info, you'd find out each of my rides have lasted an average of, let's say, 3 seconds. BTW, how many kills on my credit? :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:

This being said, what is even more strange is that you could take the liberty of using your vehicles to collect data on public roads users (including their name), not only without their consent, but without even informing them about it. What other kind of infos do your vehicles collect on residents behind their back? I can't help but wonder if such a behaviour is in accordance with SL ToS.

Oh, don't bother to reply. I think I'll directly submit that case to Linden Lab very soon to get things straight. Definetly. :matte-motes-asleep-2:

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I do!

SL to me has always been about innovation and creativity.

Community. We're humans, and sometimes we work together well, and.sometimes we must agree to disagree. Namecalling and bullying have no place. Using alts to bolster a.view never works.

Discourse is our only option.

I've seen places and things in SL using Ann's vehicles. That's a fact.

Either innovation works or it doesn't. Create innovate or die.

Are there better systems than Ann's that improve the experience?



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2823 days.

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