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Miriam Chung

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|||||~* Welcome to Miriam Chung Estates *~|||||

Homestead Sim - 3750 Prims - 65536 Sq.m.


- No premium account is needed, Anyone can rent even if you are not a premium account user. Everyone's welcome to rent.
- You will have full control over the sim (Estate manager rights - maximum of 10 estate managers)
- Some of your abilities as an estate manager: Restart the sim, eject and ban residents, terraform land, change ground textures and more!
- Stand-Alone sim (No other sims attached) ; Giving our tenants their full privacy
- You will have the ability to change sim rating by yourself to PG / Mature / Adult
- Class 5/7

What are the perks of renting from Miriam Chung Estates?

- 24/7 Online Support Team, Ready to assist you anytime--No matter what timezone you are in!
- Several sim designs AVAILABLE FOR FREE!
(Free doesn't mean they're just freebies made in a flash, If it's from Estates under Anshe Chung, That means these items are on their highest quality--Exclusively FREE for Chung tenants only!)

You can choose from the currently available sim designs in our library:
* Paradise Beach Island (Mostly favored)
* Vampire Pleasure Island
* Iron Man Island
* Merry Christmas Island
* Mermaid Island Beach
* Pleasure Beach Island

List of available Homestead rentals:http://tinyurl.com/MiriamChungHomesteads



FULL SIM RENTALS AVAILABLE TOO: List of available Full Sim rentals: http://tinyurl.com/MiriamchungFullSims





List of available plots:  http://tinyurl.com/MiriamChungCompleteList

1/8th Homestead Parcels
Rate (Mature Rating): 1197 L$/week
Rate (Adult Rating): 1099 (sim edge) & 1295 L$/Week
8112 SQ.M., 464 Prims
1/5th Homestead Parcels
Rate: 1596 L$/week
13008 SQ.M., 744 Prims
1/4th Homestead Parcels
Rate (Mature Rating): 1995 L$/Week
Rate (Adult Rating): 2296 L$/Week
16382 SQ.M., 933 Prims
1/2 Homestead Parcels
Rate (Mature Rating): 3997 L$/week
Rate (Adult Rating): 4494 L$/Week
32704 SQ.M., 1871 Prims
Smaller Full Prim Parcels
Price: 623 or 665 L$/Week
Prims : 465 prims
Area: 2032 Sq.m
Price: 959 L$/Week or 987 L$/Week
Prims : 699 prims
Area: 3056 Sq.m
Price : 1246 L$/Week ( 1/16th Inner Parcels)
Prims: 930 prims
Area : 4080 Sq.M
Price : 1323 L$/Week ( 1/6th Sim Edge Parcels)
Prims: 933 prims
Area : 4080 Sq.
Price : 1400 L$/Week ( 1/6th Corner Parcels)
Prims: 933 prims
Area : 4080 Sq.M
Price: 1652L$ /Week (Sim Edge)
Price: 1743 L$ /Week (Corner)
Prims : 1168 prims
Area: 5104 Sq.m
Price: 2240L$ /Week
Prims : 1402 prims
Area: 6128 Sq.m
Price: 4193 L$ /Week
Prims : 2808 prims
Area: 12272 Sq.m
1/8th Full Prim Parcels
Regular Rate: 2499 (sim edge) & 2800 (corner) L$/Week
8160 SQ.M., 1867 Prims
1/4th Full Prim Parcels
Regular Rate: 5299 L$/Week
16386 SQ.M, 3750 Prims
1/2 Full Prim Parcels
Regular Rate: 10598 L$/Week
32768 SQ.M/7500 Prims

For concerns:
Please IM Miriam Chung inworld.
or visit http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Miriam%20Chung%20Estates/133/126/29




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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3055 days.

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