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Authentic Wild West Roleplay in Buffalo, Wyoming

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Come and be a part of the Old West in the late 1800s!

Buffalo, Wyoming, is a roleplay sim set in the era between 1860-1875, when the west was being civilized at every turn. Life was hard but rich and full. Step into the past as you become immersed in the rustic town, ranches and farms, mine rich with ore, trades, open range, and much more.

We're part of an alliance of over a dozen western sims.

What you'll find in Buffalo:

  • a way station if you're hungry or need a place to bunk for the night
  • Wells Fargo stage coach runs to neighboring western towns
  • a cafe that serves the best food in the territory
  • a saloon to quench your thirst
  • the general store iffn' you need some supplies
  • a bank to deposit your hard-earned money
  • a doc's office to fix you up if you've been shot by one of the ruthless outlaws that ride through the town on occasion
  • marshal's office and jail, so don't get any ideas
  • mines that are teeming with copper, silver, and other valuable ore
  • a working ranch and farmland
  • barn with a team of horses
  • and much more!

Put on your authentic old western duds and come be a part of Buffalo, Wyoming, as banker, saloon keeper, miner, farm hand, or any other role that you can dream up in keeping with the theme of the sim. Child avatars are welcome as long as they act like youngins, and animal avatars are also welcome as long as they act like real live critters that would have been seen in the Old West in the late 1800s.

How to get to Buffalo, Wyoming:

Use the SLURL below as your stagecoach which will bring you to our wild west territory where you can get your Wild West Meter, group tag, basic rules and and tips for good roleplay..


What to do when you arrive:

Once you're geared up, you can head on into town to get a meal at the cafe, stock up on supplies at the general store, or just sit somewhere and relax and enjoy the snow. Or, if you're a weary traveler, be sure to stop in at the way station down the road for a free meal and a warm bunk to rest your bones.

Let the fun begin!

If you have any questions about the sim, please contact the creator and owner, GreyWolf Ixtar.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 757 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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