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Credit Process Hold Problem

Jerry Eglerion
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Hello, i got a problem with my last credit process, now they asked me for some documentation (ID card and the telephone bill with my adress). The problem is that in my house i dont pay the bills, it's my mom who does so my name wont appear on any bill obviously, i sent the ID card scan but the second part is a problem and i dont know what to do to release my money. This is what they asked me for:

1. Submit a copy of your government-issued photo ID with address via NetVerify:

· Please be aware that multiple attempts to upload your photo ID may cause the link to no longer function as designed.
· If you cannot use NetVerify, please attach a copy of your photo ID to this support case.

Acceptable forms of photo ID include: A) Driver license, B) Passport, or C) any other form of government-issued photo ID.

· The ID must not be expired and must be valid for the next sixty (60) days.
· The copy must be clear, in color, and undamaged.

2. If your residential address does not appear on your photo ID, please provide us with a copy of your current utility or telephone bill displaying your name and address.

So if anyone had this problem before and know how to solve it please help me, the other point is that im not form the USA im from Ecuador, thanks for the reply.


I have the idea of send a scan of an bill from DHL of a packet that i got some time ago, on that document appear my name and adress (that's what they need) but im not sure if that's gonna work.

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You only need that bill if the address on your ID doesn't match your actual street address. For instance, I got a state ID when I first moved here. I moved but haven't gotten it changed. So, I would need to sent the ID AND something like a bill or the official change of address from the Post Office. If your ID and your current address are the same, that's all you need. 

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