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Role Play: Dancers needed for shows

Venetia Cazalet

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Are you lonely and bored in SL and looking for new friends and something fun and different to do?

Breezes Dancers are a popular group of dancers in SL who dance and perform shows for fun and enjoyment and not for money. We are NOT club dancers.

There is no payment for the dancers but any tips received during a show will be shared out to the dancers if there is enough to share. If there is not enough to share the L$ go to our Choreographer to help cover the costs of all the things she needs to buy for the shows.

The dancing is controlled by our choreographer using a professional dance HUD system that she spends hours setting up with the dance routines for each of our shows; you do not need to be able to dance. No special dance skills needed at all!

Look at these YouTube videos to see our current shows and see if it is the type of activity you would like to be part of. We have so much fun doing this.

Breezes Dancers - Swan Lake ballet


Breezes Dancers - We Can Dance


Breezes Dancers - Halloween / Monsters show


Breezes Dancers - Christmas Holiday Show


Breezes Dancers Logo


A human adult avatar with a nice shape, skin and hair

Must have a good understanding of English (or a translator) and be able to follow instructions

During shows we use Group Chat for privacy so you must be able to translate this if needed quickly

Must have a good knowledge of SL basic skills. Very important is understanding how to create outfits and save them so you can change clothes quickly. Training will be available if needed

Must be available to attend rehearsals and dance between 11.30am slt to around 3pm slt on any day of the week

Must be committed, sensible, reliable and alert when dancing as sometimes you will need to respond to instructions quickly

Most of all you must enjoy what we do and being part of our fun team

You will need to join the Breezes Dancers group

Hosting skills would also be useful but not essential

Please tell us if you have any other SL skills that might be useful.

Most of our outfits are made by our chroreographer Mcpol Kamachi and provided free of charge. Sometimes we do ask you to buy something but it will never be anything expensive.

Please contact Breezes Dancers Manager Venetia Cazalet by IM (they go to email) if you are interested in joining us. We look forward to meeting you:)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2887 days.

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