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Wanting Friends

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Hello everyone!!
I'm not really new to S, but I never took the time to make friends soooooo here I am working on making those things.


Age: 23
Birthday: October 25th (Scorpio)
State & Time Zone: Texas USA & Central
Orientation: Bisexual
Relationships Status: Single
Fav Foods: Itialian, mexican, and chinese food.
Non-Fav Foods/Sauces: Olives, tomatoes and mustarad 
Likes: Dance, write poetry/songs, shop, roller skate, Netflix, shop, relax, anime, and oh did I mention shop?? 
Fav Colors: PINK!!!!, white, GREYYYYY, and purple
Breif About Me: I'm really goofy and hyper most the time kind of crazy lol. I don't like being annoyed however and am not afraid to speak my mind. I don't like people who are closed minded and don't open their minds to new things (soooooooooo annoying).. I'm very kind hearted but don't like being lied to, disrespected, or used. I consider myself to be trust-worthy and loyal. I'm always there for people who are there for me no matter what,  I'm usually a very open person unless it's something I'd rather not share. I hate people who are only looking for a sexual relationship, there is so much more to a person other than their body.. Most of the personality traits that come along with being a scorpio is totally me (yes I'm into horoscopes).. On SL I do like voice a lot so if you don't mind it then that would be great

Looking for in a friend (basic summary): I really would like someone I bond with and click with, I do not mind doing voice at all since sometimes I hate typing. If we become good friends I would mind talking outside of SL. I don't care what timezone, country, race, religion or any of that you are. Just please do not be disrespectful or racist of others which goes back to the closed minded persons I was speaking on above. I'd prefer you to be over the age of 18. Someone I can easily talk to etc

Anyway I don't want to make this too long so people don't want to read it.. LOL.. But please contact me in-world if interested..

SL name: LondieMonroe - Display name: Dolly Kitty


*Note: don't like the color, that's fine. Keep it to yourself. Pink is my favorite color*

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