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Blender has now been simplified and made easy

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I do not deny those that mastered blender have made some amazing meshes, but most of us have been daunted by blender's interface and move on to look for more intuitive modeling programs. In many cases i have seen it push folks to pirating copies of modo, max or even maya, just to be able to access something that supplies ease of use for the less einstien minds of getting through a program.

There is a gentleman who made a completly free addon, with over 79 tutorials on how to model using the addon...the addon itself completly simplifies blender, and makes it comprehensive like most programs...

the addon aslo has a feature for instant normal mapping, texturing, material setting, and further addons allow you to easily set up lights. Did i mention it can also set up materials for cycles rendering. most of all its free...

the addon itself doesnt mess up using avastar or other previously aquired plugins either.

the addon is called Sensei format, it gets updated regularly, a ton of tutorials, and a person can be upto speed in weeks vrs months and years in thier mesh creation...

As a person who admits screaming and running away from blender and ran to carrara studio instead... i gave this a try and do not have any regrets, within an afternoon i was meshing out as easily as with other software.

No I am not affiliated with the programmer, or software... just an average everyday content creator in SL.

you can find out more here.


check out his premium plugins as well... zero brush full version and drag and drop enviroments.. its worth the look!


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:< im not to keen on blender.


i mainly use sculptris alpha 6.and still it took me over a year to learn 3d modeling and graphics in a sort of ad-hoc internet college setting (basically learning from freinds)


sculptris only exports to .obj but thats all you need for SL.as long as you can stomach sculptri's weird texture coordinates,and the fact that it crashes sometimes (no worries it constantly saves backups),sculptris has a much better learning curve.


i tryed blender more than once but could never fathom why they didnt give it the market standard type of interface,which is to say,huamn translateable without years of experience

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There are some shortcut changes and navigation changes, also tools are condensed and optimized on a single shelf.

his zerobrush plugin works much in the way like zbrush, and even has its auto uvmap feature for the lazy.

its a little more then just a change in shortcuts though...hard to explain but many of the shortcuts it does have.. coinside with standard commands most modelling packages use.

I wouldnt recommend it for someone who has been using blender for years and has thier own workflow.. but for someone just jumping in, its not so daunting.


as far as sculptris.. it is great for concepting a model right out of the box, and yes you can reduce the polycount.. but overall unless you retopo the model.. you will always have a bit of a polyheavy model... I admit to having used it for several projects.

its great as long as you put in the time to do the post work... but to just make, convert import... welcome to another lag heaven model.. no matter how sexy it looks.... low poly and normal maps are your best friends.

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It appears the blender sensei thread is an old one, and a closed one, with last dated 2011. If it were open id post what I just learned. which is that for the beginner, having the UI simplified helps a lot. Even though the thread is closed im adding this site to my cache of resources. So thanks for that!

You might thing blender sensei isnt for the super advanced blender operator, and maybe thats true, but for an overwhelmed noob like me... the first few videos I watched along with installing blender sensei have made a few things so much easier to understand. and yes, I had a DOH! moment.

The thing is, if your not familiar, with what word to use, you can search/google all you want but you wont find the answer to what you are stumbling on. For example, with some software you IMPORT to bring items into an existing document. Apparently blender uses APPEND. And Im used to being able to have multiple files open with software Im familiar with, but it seems you cant do that with any 3D software. or, maybe you can and I just havent discovered how its done.

Blender uses a lot of different terms than some of the other software Ive been evaluating. And even they are not consistent between one another. One application uses "tesslate" and others call that something else altogether.

so, Im grateful for this simplified gem. Thank you again Jorie!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1840 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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