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Need database slurl


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I do not really understand what you're saying but you don't need a database to get a region name from a slurl or vica versa.

A slurl looks like:


The stuff after 'http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/' is the region name followed by the x, y and z coordinates.


So the region name can be quite easily be extracted from that.
And if you want to create the slurl from a region and some coordinates, that is just as easy.

string SLURL2Region(string slurl) {    list t = llParseString2List(slurl,["/"],[]);    return llUnescapeURL(llList2String(t, 3));}    string Region2SLURL(string region, integer x, integer y, integer z){    return "http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/" + llEscapeURL(region) + "/" + (string)x + "/" + (string)y + "/" + (string)z;}
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Up to you what you do with your own money, of course, but I'd question the wisdom of paying someone to compile a database that will, if it is not updated weekly, increasingly become of no more than historical interest.

As has been suggested, Tyche Shepherd maintains the Second Life Grid Survey, which is freely accessible by using Tyche's API, as outlined at Second Life Grid Survey -- API Reference.   As I understand it, the raw data for the survey is collected direct by Tyche's bots rather than from any LL source (I'm pretty certain LL don't publish one).

If her API doesn't give you what you need, I'd suggest contacting Tyche direct to ask for her assistance.   I've always found her extremely helpful and generous with her advice and expertise.

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Hi AlexandreLois1

I'm the owner and maintainer of http://www.gridsurvey.com database


There is no method in the Gridsurvey API which allows bulk downloading of anything from the main database and there are rate limits in place to deter large number of queries.

However on the Home/Region Page of gridsurvey.com the "Current Region List" button allows the user to download a list of current regions along with their SL Map Coordinates in Tab Delimited Text.

This is designed to be used externally to SL by developers who maintain their own external databases and unlike the main API cannot be downloaded direct via LSL.

This data is based on my regions surveys which are currently only updated weekly so you should only require one or two downloads of this data in any one week if its useful for your project .

Good luck with your project


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Thank you. There was a problem with the script. If the URL address is not valid, it can not teleport. And the script itself will not be able to choose a new URL address for teleportation.
The principle of such a script - it should randomly select an address from the database URL and teleport avatar.

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Why are we trying to teleport to all these regions? 

If it really needs to be all regions, that's doomed from the start. A number of regions are completely private, so you can't get in them anyway. (It's not about being a TOS violation, by the way; if the owner doesn't want visitors on their region, they can set it so they don't get visitors on their region, no big deal.)

On the other hand, there are already those dopey bots that pop into some regions, spin 360 degrees for no apparent reason, then move to the next one. That's ridiculous, but it's been done, so if the objective is to do something like that again, we have an existence proof that it's possible. [EDIT: Not Tyche's bots, which are great, as are the Linden "tester" bots. Rather, the ones I have in mind are specifically the ones that spin around, revealing that the bot scripter really has no clue.]

But then:

AlexandreLois1 wrote:

If the URL address is not valid, it can not teleport. And the script itself will not be able to choose a new address.

Huh? Why couldn't the script choose a new address? Also, to what class of troubles does "URL address is not valid" refer? Because there are many, many ways that those teleports will fail, and the script will need to be able to recover from all of them. Even on public access Linden parcels, some regions will be down for maintenance. And some regions will have some temporary "cap" failure that strands avatars, letting them teleport in but preventing them from teleporting out, in which case the in-world script would need to send an alert to the bot software to logout the session and start again.

You are using bot software, right? If not, this is going to need a ridiculous amount of manual intervention... but if so, why are we even futzing around with an in-world script in the first place? Why not just do it all in the bot scripting?

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2122 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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